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Need to Locate a Missing Person? Here’s How a Private Investigator Can Help!

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Need to Locate a Missing Person? Here’s How a Private Investigator Can Help!

People go missing all the time. According to the Government of Canada, in 2016 alone, 27,789 adults and 45,609 children disappeared across the country. That’s a total of 73,398 people for the year. As you can imagine, for most families, a missing loved one is devastating. They want nothing more than to find that person, but often this is easier said than done—for many reasons. It is why we recommend that anyone who wishes to reunite or locate a loved one should contact a private investigator for help.

There are many reasons why hiring a private investigator to help locate a missing person is useful. The most important reasons include,

• The Time
• The Facts
• The Tools

The Time

Police in many cities across North America have their hands full. Why? Well, they deal with so many different types of cases—from petty theft to homicide. In many situations, while they truly want to help, they just don’t have the bandwidth to dedicate resources to finding missing persons. In other situations, the police simply reach a dead end, which makes it more difficult to move the search forward.

Therefore, if you want to try and get some results on your own timeline, hiring a private investigator absolutely helps. Hiring a private investigator insures that you receive a dedicated person or team to work on your locate case. A private investigator won’t get distracted or overloaded with other work. When you pay their service fee it becomes their job to keep you updated on any and all information they find. You will get answers much faster.

The Facts

Giving a private investigator all the facts might reveal a potential clue that you or the police haven’t thought about. Remember, a private investigator solves puzzles for a living. They are trained in looking at the evidence you have and connecting the dots. This can lead to locating your missing person.

It is important to always present the facts as objectively as you can. It’s also important not to withhold any information that pertains to the case. A private investigator can’t do their job if they don’t have all the facts. So, if the missing person left because you got into a big fight, don’t be embarrassed. Who knows? Something the individual said during that fight might be the clue you need.

The Tools

A good private investigator will have a private investigator license. This means that they have successfully completed the private investigator training course and exam. Before you hire any private investigator always make sure to ask them for this information. A great private investigator will have no problem proving their credentials.

Because a licensed private investigator has gone through the appropriate training, they will have all the tools they need to help you locate a missing person. This includes access to different databases and other equipment. These tools are critical to locating a missing person and include things like updated video and camera technology. You always want to work with a private investigator or private investigation company who uses the latest and greatest in investigative tools and technology. It means that they invest in using better products to get you better results.

A licensed private investigator will also be able to track and locate the missing person without getting caught. This is pretty important as in many cases the individual does not wish to be found. If you were to try and track down your missing person on your own, you’ll likely get caught. Once the person knows you’re hot on their trail, it’s easy for them to move somewhere else. Hiring a specialized individual like a private investigator truly increases the odds of locating someone.

What Else Can You Do?

There are a few things you can do to help with the search. Some of these things include,

Social Media

One way to try and get some information on your missing person is to post about it on social media. If you’re on Facebook, or any other platforms, you’ve likely seen these types of posts before.

The thing about social media is, you never know when something will go viral. Your post might gain some traction or it might only get a few likes and shares. It’s also possible that people might not take the post seriously. Fake news has changed how a lot of people view social media and it might impact how they view your post.

If you want to try this approach, you also need to know that sharing this information on social media is tricky. Chances are, your missing person also has access to social media. If he or she sees information or tips on where you might locate them, they have the advantage. Why? Well, they can quickly move to another location, which would ruin any chances you might have of finding them.

Speaking to your private investigator about the best approach will help you to decide if social media is the right tool for your locate case.

Contact Relatives

In many cases a missing person or child will seek out a relative. This is especially true if you’ve had a falling out shortly before the person disappeared. Contacting any and all family members you can think of might help to find the person faster.

If none of your relatives have seen or heard from the missing person, at least your family is now aware of the situation. They can help you in your search. If a relative does have some information, even a thread of a clue, you can pass this along to your private investigator. The private investigator can add the information to the case file. They can then follow the lead quickly, before it grows cold.

Hand Out Fliers

Your community is often a great place to turn to for information. Chances are your missing relative, friend or child was seen somewhere before they disappeared. Handing out fliers to local churches, schools, bars, restaurants, and more can really help others to recall information. It can also help if your missing person is still in the neighborhood. Community members might see him or her wandering about and can pass that information to you sooner rather than later.

If a member of your community gives you information, you should pass it along to your private investigator. They can conduct some research or surveillance to verify that the information is valid. This is particularly important in situations where the missing individual doesn’t want you to find them. You don’t want to give them a chance to disappear again.

A Last Resort . . .

As a last resort, you can also contact the media. Contacting the media will spread the word to more communities outside your own. It can help because if anyone has seen your missing relative, friend or child, they can contact the appropriate channels with information.

It’s best, however, to speak with your private investigator or police contact before approaching different media outlets. In some cases, media attention can push the missing person away. It’s something that would hinder, not help the case.

For more information on how a private investigator can help you find your missing loved one, contact us today! or (647) 479-8474

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