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New Year – New Investigation – Surveillance

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New Year – New Investigation – Surveillance

With a new year, people tend to reflect on the previous years and make decisions to improve their personal lives, relationships and more. Many consider new year’s resolutions like getting healthy, social media fasts etc. But have you considered surveillance in Toronto in the past and decided to wait and or not sure if completing surveillance for a fraudulent situation, cheating spouse – infidelity case or monitoring someone you believe may be being dishonest and decided to wait? Well, we suggest that you move forward with that question mark and hire our private investigators in Ontario to conduct surveillance in Mississauga, Barrie and Ottawa to determine what actions may be taking place. Our agency has completed thousands of surveillance cases from Toronto, Ottawa, London, Hamilton, Mississauga, Barrie, Halifax, Calgary and Edmonton as well as throughout Canada and internationally.

Hiring a Private Investigator in Canada

When hiring a private investigative agency in Toronto for instance, you want to ensure you are working with the best company to provide you with the results you need. Not every case is the same and therefore should not be treated as such. If you want to hire an investigator for a WSIB – employment case or even a domestic case like adultery in Toronto or Mississauga, then you need to work with the best company. I have seen companies that share that they have experience exceeding 30 years. The amount of time in an industry does not always translate into good results, good customer service etc. There are many companies who have in fact been in business but operated poorly during the time they were in business. It is important to read reviews but reviews in excess can also be fake. We have seen a private investigations company in Toronto that has nearly 150 reviews and I would say a very high percentage are fake. If you can talk to previous customers, then do so. Also check to see if they company you are looking to do services with is credible. Are they a part of any associates, or networking groups that are credible and people know and can vouch for them? We have worked many cases that someone else previously worked and unfortunately for the clients they just did not do their due diligence when hiring a private investigator in Canada.

Female private investigators

Our team is comprised of both male and female private investigators in Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia. Having a strong female team of investigators ensures success on certain files that a male investigator may not have the same amount of success. Of course, male investigators have the same benefit that there are situations they can work in that females may not have the same results, but we suggest working with a company that can offer you the type of investigator your case needs.

Mississauga and Toronto Private Investigators

If you are searching and trying to determine who is the best private investigator in Mississauga for cheating spouse cases, child custody situations, legal investigations, corporate investigations, WSIB or employment fraud cases, then our agency is the pragmatic choice. We are the only multi-award-winning company in the GTA having won the prestigious Consumers Choice Award three years in a row for the best private investigators in Toronto. This is the result of working with thousands of clients. We continue to utilize the skill we have but work on always adding to our team to increase our strengths.

If you are in need of a private investigator for surveillance in the following cities, please call an office closest to you today.

Newmarket – Richmond Hill – Aurora
Oakville – Hamilton
North Bay
Sault Ste. Marie
And throughout Ontario
Red Deer, Alberta
Halifax – Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Although we operate in Alberta, Nova Scotia and Ontario we can conduct surveillance investigations throughout Canada and internationally. If you wish to speak with an expert private investigator about hiring a private investigator for surveillance, please complete an inquiry form with your case details and we will contact you with the best plan of action for your investigation. We offer free consultations and look forward to solving your investigative needs.

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