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Witness Statement & Witness Interviews

Investigations During an investigation, our private investigators specialize in conducting investigative interviews. We have a team of retired police detectives, military, and RCMP experts to assist in all witness interview or interrogation needs. The Smith Investigation Agency can assist with pre-investigative interviews, independent witness, investigation interview, prepare a witness for defense, interviewing suspects, locate a …

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Private Investigation in Ontario

A private investigator is a licenced, trained individual who conducts investigations to collect information and uncover facts on behalf of a private client. Private investigators may operate independent investigation firms, be employed by a private investigation agency, or work in-house for a business such as a law firm or insurance company. Private investigators collect information …

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The term “Private Detectives” in Ontario, and why it’s illegal!

Private “Detectives” In Ontario: Private “Detectives” In Ontario: I receive nearly a dozen calls a week with individuals in search of a “Private Detective in Ontario“. Even though some people are familiar with the term “Private Detective” legally in Ontario, we are not allowed to claim ourselves as “Private Detectives.” We are licensed under the …

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What Private Investigators Do!

Have you ever thought about Private Investigators? Do your thoughts run to the show “Cheaters & Cheating Spouse’s”? Well, that’s far from what the Investigative industry is. Private Investigators spend a substantial amount of time working on Insurance & Litigation Investigations, Corporate & Risk Management Investigations, Legal & Civil Investigations, and Investigative Research, i.e., Skip …

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