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PI Toronto & Mississauga: How Many Investigators Will Your Case Need?

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When you call a private investigation company in Toronto or Mississauga, you will need to describe your situation to a local private investigator. You might want to catch a cheating spouse, or maybe you even work for a company and have noticed some of your product disappearing every month. Regardless of the situation, the private investigator you ultimately work with will need to come up with a plan. The plan or approach that the private investigator comes up with will always include a number of private investigators. In cities like Toronto & Mississauga, this can often mean 2 – 3 investigators.

The number of investigators working on your file really depends on the difficulty or complexity of your case. Both Toronto and Mississauga private investigators often work with other private investigators to better ensure case success rate. So, if you live in Toronto or Mississauga you can expect to have more than one skilled individual focused on resolving your problem.

To give you a better understanding of when and how many private investigators might work on a case, check out the following:

Simple and Straightforward: 1 – 2 Private Investigators

Many cases only require 1 to 2 private investigators. This, of course, depends on the difficulty of the case. Of course, if your case only requires one private investigator, this doesn’t mean that it’s a lower priority. Any good Toronto or Mississauga private investigator will treat your case with the utmost care and respect.

If you get only one private investigator assigned to your file, it just means that the task is a bit easier or simpler and could include scenarios like,

Background Checks

Background checks in Mississauga and Toronto don’t often require multiple private investigators to work the case. This service typically requires only deskwork and so a solo private investigator is completely capable of handling the file alone.

This all, of course, depends on how many background checks a private investigator needs to run. Working with a company to run potential employee background checks in Toronto or Mississauga might overwhelm a single private investigator. Therefore, a second private investigator might come in handy.


Interviews are a service that comes in handy when a private investigator in Mississauga or Toronto speaks with different people. For example, a lawyer might hire a private investigator to return to the scene of a theft to try and get eyewitness accounts. In other words, a private investigator will conduct an interview when they need to find a witness or other information about an individual or situation.

Depending on the case, a single private investigator can go to a site and interview the appropriate people. If, however, the scenario involves several different locations, adding a second private investigator to help will make gathering information and statements much faster.

A Little More Complicated: 2 – 3 Private Investigators

In Toronto and Mississauga, the majority of cases actually require 2 to 3 private investigators. Keep reading to find out why.

Cheating Spouses

Similar to many other cities in North America, Toronto and Mississauga private investigators often deal with cheating spouse cases. When it comes to Toronto and Mississauga cheating spouse cases, however, private investigators like to work with a little backup.

The reason for this has to do with the very nature of cheating spouses. While there are some situations where the spouse is cheating with a neighbor, this isn’t typical. A cheating spouse will often drive to a meet-up location. If there is only one private investigator on the case, it makes it more difficult to keep eyes on the cheater at all times. By working as a team, the private investigators can cover more ground quickly, and never lose sight of the person they’re following.

Urban Areas

In general, working on a case in an urban area like Toronto or Mississauga often requires a few private investigators to work together. Why? Well, both Toronto and Mississauga cover large areas and have large populations. As you can imagine, trying to get from one end of the city to the other in rush hour when following an individual becomes quite difficult—especially for a single private investigator.

This is why 2 to 3 private investigators will typically work on a case in Toronto and Mississauga. They can cover more ground together, and solve the case much faster. As the saying goes, sometimes two heads are better than one!

Let’s Bring in Some Reinforcement: 4+ Private Investigators

Some files require a little more help. Depending on the complexity, many private investigators in Toronto or Mississauga will band together to resolve the case. In these situations, the private investigators must work well together, to ensure the operation runs smoothly. After all, the whole purpose of hiring a private investigator is to solve a problem.


In a Mississauga or Toronto locate case private investigators need to find a particular including:

  • A missing person
  • Stolen jewelry
  • Missing cash
  • Stolen product

For many locate file cases in Toronto and Mississauga, the job requires a lot of teamwork because there are generally a lot of moving parts. One private investigator might need to focus on interviews, while another follows a lead to Ottawa. Working together ensures that all aspects of the locate case are covered. It also significantly increases the likelihood of solving the case and locating the stolen property or missing person.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a serious problem for Toronto and Mississauga. Sometimes these cases don’t require a huge number of private investigators. It only takes one or two to conduct surveillance on an individual’s home to see whether or not they are as injured as they claim.

When it comes to bigger insurance scams like automotive repairs, more private investigators will need to work the case. This often happens when a Toronto or Mississauga based insurance company suspects they’ve received false claims from a large corporation or other business. They will require many private investigators to work together on the case. These private investigators will compile the information they gather to ultimately prove whether or not fraud has occurred.

Live in Toronto or Mississauga? Not sure how many private investigators your case file needs? Reach out to the Smith Investigation Agency today to speak to one of our qualified private investigators to find out!

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