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Private Investigation in Calgary: Skip Tracing and Locates

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Research and locates are two types of services a private investigator can provide to clients. While not as common as other types of services, both research and locates are important methods in specialized investigations. In Alberta, these private investigation services are no different.

Why is Research Important?

Research is important for many reasons. For students in school research helps them to learn more about a particular subject. It helps to build a thesis, or an argument for an essay. When it comes to private investigation, research helps people to uncover the facts. In general, the facts are what lead private investigators to help so many people across Alberta and the rest of Canada.

Lawyers in particular rely on private investigators for their research skills. In fact, in most Alberta cases, research is the foundation from which lawyers build their strategy. Strategy is important to a lawyer because it is how they will win a case in court. In Alberta, lawyers often hire private investigators or private investigation agencies to help uncover information quickly and effectively. A good private investigator who provides services in Alberta will know exactly where to look and what kind of information is valuable. More importantly, a good private investigator will have a good knowledge of Alberta law. This means that he or she will know what kind of research evidence is admissible in court.

The kind of research a private investigator will do for a lawyer varies from case to case. Sometimes a private investigator will search through databases for an individual’s hidden properties. In other cases, a private investigator will look through hours of surveillance video, or documents for anything that might be of interest to a lawyer. Ultimately, a private investigator is a huge asset to any case. Especially if he or she can provide a lawyer with the right information needed to build a great strategy.

What are Locate Services?

Locate services differ slightly from research. In Alberta, this type of private investigation service requires a private investigator to find or “locate” a missing person. Some of the most common scenarios where a private investigator is hired to provide locate services include,

Locates for Missing Relatives or Persons in Alberta

Finding a missing or long lost relative is a common request for private investigators. Quite often, people want to find a birth parent. In other situations, a friend or close relative has disappeared without a trace. Sometimes, an individual will owe someone money and they leave town to avoid making the payment. Regardless of the situation, a private investigator will help their client by trying to track and locate the missing person.

A private investigator will often turn to research to help with a locate case. Quite often, a person will leave behind a trail of evidence that a private investigator can follow. Before they take action however, research will reveal things like whether or not the individual has a hidden property somewhere in Alberta, or even a different country. Thorough research will provide the private investigator with the information they need to eventually locate the missing individual.

Locates for Lawyers in Alberta

Lawyers in Alberta also use private investigators locate services. Sometimes a key witness is difficult to find. A private investigator can spend the time and effort looking for the individual. When the private investigator locates him or her, they can try to convince them to testify in court. As you can imagine, this is a huge asset and can really help a lawyer to win a case.

Locates for Missing Property in Alberta

Is your company missing property? Calgary, Alberta private investigators don’t just help lawyers locate a missing person or witness. They also help to locate or find stolen products and other property.

For example, let’s say that a company in Alberta makes a deal with a small business located nearby. That company gives the small business the product upfront, without asking for payment until a later date. As you can imagine, this doesn’t go well for the company. At the end of the month when the company invoices the small business, that small business is nowhere to be found. The company loses hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands in product overnight.

A private investigator or private investigation agency will dedicate time and resources to locate the missing property. A private investigation team will work quickly, conduct research and track down the individuals responsible too. At the end of the day, a good private investigator agency will help the company to locate their stolen property and legally bring the thieves to court.

Locates for missing property isn’t just for businesses or lawyers. If you’ve recently had jewelry or art stolen from your home, a private investigator can help! While the thief is often someone you know, a private investigator will look at all possibilities get to the bottom of the mystery. They will help you to track down your missing items and catch the guilty party.

Why Hire a Private Investigation Agency?

Before you hire a private investigator or private investigation agency, it’s important to do your research. Some private investigators do not have the license to work outside of a particular province or state. What this means is that a private investigation agency licensed in Ontario, requires an Alberta license to operate in that province.

Another reason why you want to hire a properly licensed private investigator is so that you receive legal services. For example, Alberta has different provincial laws compared to Ontario or elsewhere. If you hire a private investigator that treats every case the same, even though they’re in completely different provinces, you will likely receive poor results. So, if a private investigator obtains research evidence illegally in Alberta, a lawyer can’t use it in court. If a private investigator employs illegal tactics in Alberta to locate a missing person, he or she could lose their license.

Hiring a good, private investigator with a license to work in Alberta increases the success rate of your case. Although many companies offer skiptracing services not all have the tools necessary to complete the skip trace. They will work with you to learn more about your particular needs and will use their research and locate skills to help you get the answers you’re looking for.

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