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Private Investigation in Edmonton: Helping Lawyers Win in Court

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Did you know that a private investigator is often a lawyer’s best defense in court? It’s true! Many lawyers in Edmonton, and throughout Canada work with private investigators to gather evidence and help build a case. The reason for this is due to the fact that lawyers are often extremely busy. They do not have the time to go out, ask people questions, review video footage, or even conduct surveillance. In many cases, a lawyer does not have the correct training required to gather evidence without notice. Good private investigators in Edmonton absolutely do have what it takes to help a lawyer win his or her case. 

Here’s an Edmonton Based Example…

While Kijiji is a beloved resource for many Canadians, using it can often come with consequences. For example, a father living in Edmonton decided to use Kijiji to advertise that he was looking for a babysitter for his children. He received a response from someone, but after a brief conversation realized he no longer required babysitting services. He thanked the individual and moved on.

To the father’s surprise, he received word that the individual filed a complaint against him with the Alberta Human Rights Commission. After a little digging, it became clear that this individual has filed many complaints against many parents who didn’t select them as a babysitter. 

Due to the nature and frequency of the complaints, the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms is working to get the case thrown out of court. The lawyers for this company argue that there is, “no human right to babysit another person’s child.” If these lawyers hope to get the case thrown out, they will need to provide more information and evidence against the individual who filed the complaint. 

In many situations, this is where a lawyer in Edmonton would hire a private investigator or private investigation team. The private investigator or private investigation team would put together a plan to help the lawyer gather evidence to get the case thrown out of court (in this example). In other situations, the private investigator might help to gather proof of innocence or even guilt.  

How Private Investigators Gather Evidence

Private investigators use a wide variety of skills and tools to help a lawyer with his or her case. In Edmonton and throughout Canada, a private investigator must complete the private investigator course and earn a license. The private investigator course is where a private investigator learns how to run a legal investigation. 


When it comes to surveillance, a private investigator will use many different tools. Surveillance is really the art of watching an individual move about his or her day. The key to surveillance, however, is that the private investigator must remain invisible. The individual must not know they are being observed. The reason why has to do with the fact that a person will change their actions if they know or feel they are being watched. 

A private investigator will often sit in a parked vehicle near the suspect’s home. From there, the private investigator can monitor the suspect’s activity. In other situations, the private investigator will follow the suspect on foot. Sometimes a private investigator will set up or go through video surveillance to record the suspect’s actions. The purpose of surveillance is to see what the suspect does and if those actions serve as evidence of a crime. 


A private investigator will conduct interviews with people to try and gather more information. The information a private investigator needs depends on the case. For example, let’s say that a car accident happened outside an office building. The lawyer will want to know who caused the accident. A private investigator can go over to the office building and talk to people. The private investigator might find two or three people who saw the accident first hand. By asking the right questions, a private investigator can get the truth, and even a few witnesses for the lawyer’s case. 


Sometimes a lawyer works on a case that requires them to go through a lot of documents. It could be all of the emails from every employee in a company or even bank statements. With the use of social media and the Internet, research can also include a person’s activity online. Since this material can be tedious and time-consuming to comb through, a lawyer will often call on a private investigator for help.

Private investigators are familiar with the law. Once a lawyer informs a private investigator about the type of information he or she is looking for, the private investigator can get to work. Searching through documents for particular words, phrases, actions and more can all help to build a case. 

Background Checks

A lawyer might request a private investigator to run a background check on someone. Background checks reveal a lot of information about an individual. For many people, it reveals nothing of note. However, depending on the case, a background check can reveal information an individual wanted to keep hidden. 

For example, a background check could reveal that an individual is already (still) married, and so a second marriage isn’t actually legal. In other cases, a background check reveals a criminal record or even multiple properties. All of this information is important to a lawyer when building a case.

A Private Investigator’s Role: Uncover the Truth

Many people don’t see private investigators as a valuable resource. The problem is private investigators of old didn’t do much to help their image. Many private investigators weren’t licensed or regulated. Many private investigators also charged ridiculous rates, attempted to swindle more money from their clients, forced evidence and . . . Well. Let’s just leave it at that. 

Today, however, private investigators in Edmonton and Canada take their job seriously. They work hard to earn their license and provide the best possible services to their community. A good private investigator will want to help his or her client. However, a good private investigator will also know that the truth is the truth. It isn’t a private investigator’s job to take a side and skew the evidence in a client’s favour. A private investigator’s job is to get the facts. Plain and simple. 

This is the primary reason why lawyers in Edmonton, and throughout Canada like to work with private investigators. The facts help lawyers with their ultimate goal: to win or build a case.

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