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Private Investigation: Your Plant Closure Resolution Experts

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Many people think private investigators or private investigator agency’s only handle cases like cheating spouses. You should know that many private investigators do help clients with those particular types of cases. At the same time, they also work closely with companies for many different reasons. Some of these reasons include, plant closures.

What is a Plant Closure?

Plant closures occur when a company needs to shut down an element of their business. For example, the company might need to shut down a manufacturing plant because the demand in the area has gone down. Alternatively, the company might need to close down for financial reasons.

Whatever the reason, a company needs to carefully consider how they move forward in closing the plant. If they need to lay off any employees, they have to approach the situation with care. They also need to make sure that the plant itself doesn’t fall prey to vandalism during or after the closure.

Plant Closures and Private Investigators

If closing a plant sounds like a daunting task—it is. Let’s say that the plant doesn’t take careful precautions and something happens, how will they document the incident? If a product goes missing during a plant closure, what can the company do to try and find it again?

The answer for any plant closure is to hire a private investigation firm or private investigator. Licensed private investigators in Ontario and across Canada are trained individuals who specialize in helping individuals and companies in a variety of ways.

When it comes to companies, good private investigators can help with activities like,

  • Background checks
  • WSIB fraud claims
  • Missing or stolen property
  • Harassment

Good private investigators can also help with plant closures, which basically use the same, if not similar skills.

Missing a Plan?

Good private investigators or private investigation agencies will work with you and your company to figure out the best approach to your plant closure. If you already have a plant closure plan in place, a private investigator will review that plan to determine a course of action. If you don’t have a plan in place, a private investigator or private investigation team will create one for you.

The details of the plan will of course depend on the type of plant closure. In some cases, if the company is deciding to downsize or move some employees over to another plant, the plan needs to change. You have to deal with some employees who lose their job, while others need to start working at a brand new location.

Private investigators will help to make these transitions smoother by recommending the best course of action. They will then, of course, stick around to ensure that the transition runs like clockwork.

What Problems Arise with Plant Closures?

As mentioned above, there are many things to consider when a company plant closes. Some of the biggest problems that a private investigator can help a company with include,

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) Claims

When a company announces a plant closure, employees are often the ones who panic first. In many cases, this is because they will lose out on benefits that the company once provided. As a result, the WSIB suddenly receives an influx of claims from employees. In other, more severe situations, an employee will attempt to make a claim even after the plant closes.

In general, it is illegal to make a false insurance claim. It is also illegal for an employee that no longer works at a closed plant to make an insurance claim. Therefore, it might surprise you to learn that many people do this all the time.

It is one of the reasons why a company will hire a private investigator. In fact, the WSIB will also hire private investigators to look into suspicious looking claims related to plant closures. A licensed private investigator in Ontario will conduct an investigation to help prove whether or not the employee is lying about their claim.


During a plant closure, a company may hire a private investigator to keep an eye on things from a distance. After all, the company wants the closure to run smoothly, and a disgruntled employee can lie on a WSIB claim or even start stealing product because they think no one will notice.

A licensed private investigator and the right private investigator team will have the skills and experience to conduct surveillance during a plant closure without getting caught. This is extremely important because once a suspect thinks someone might know what they’re up to, they change their behavior. During a plant closure, the company wants to catch a criminal in the act. A private investigator can do this, and provide all the documentation needed to take the individual to court.

Sabotage Prevention

Private investigators will help to curb any situation where a disgruntled employee will try and destroy property or worse. The reason why this happens during a plant closure is that some employees feel that they deserve better, and that the company needs to “pay” for messing up. This of course leads to property damage after hours, acts of vandalism and even property or product theft.

All of the above doesn’t sit well with the company closing the plant. It leads to even greater expense and the trouble of trying to uncover who committed the crime. This is where a private investigator or private investigation agency comes in handy. They can help a company document and record any sabotage that occurs during the plant closing process. A private eye can also help to figure out who committed the crime so that the company can lay the appropriate charges.

Harassment Management

When a company closes a plant, many employees blame their employers for all their problems. In most cases, this simply results in a few mumbled expletives. In other situations, an employee takes things too far and starts to harass management or fellow employees. This, of course, is illegal. However, it is often difficult to prove the harassment.

This is why many companies hire a private investigator during the plant closure process. It tends to discourage employees from acting out in this way, as they know they will likely get caught. At the same time, it also helps the company because if something inappropriate does happen, they have a private investigator available to document and handle the incident.

Better Manage Your Plant Closure with a Private Investigator

Overall, a private investigator or private investigation team will help your company better manage your plant closure. By following a plan, you will help to both prevent and avoid unwanted situations like false insurance claims, harassment and sabotage.

Should anything happen, a private investigator will correctly document the incident. This is something that will prove invaluable to you and the company. With proper documentation, you have the right to take the individual to court.

Do you have more questions about plant closures? The Smith Investigation Agency can help! Contact us today: or (647) 479-8474.


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