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Private Investigators & Government Employee Surveillance in Ottawa

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Surveillance is an important element of how many operations run throughout Canada. For example, Many companies require video surveillance systems so that they can monitor their property and product at all times. Without surveillance, an organization risks having their hard earned business disappear. Why? Well, both product and company funds go missing all the time. (Yes, even with surveillance systems or processes in place!) When it comes to government organizations, this can spell disaster. Canada, and Ottawa in particular is home to many government organizations. The employees hired to fill all government roles must have clean records and behave in a way that reflects the organization. It is for this reason that government organizations often hire private investigators to help manage and monitor safety and security.

Private Investigators: How Can They Help?

A private investigator is a highly trained and licensed individual, who can help solve many different types of cases or problems. Examples of the types of cases a private investigator helps to solve include,

  • Locating missing property
  • Cheating Spouse
  • Background Checks
  • Locates
  • Interviews

When it comes to government organizations in Ottawa, private investigators often work on many surveillance cases. The reason for this is because video surveillance captures only part of the story. A private investigator is required because they have the skills needed to run surveillance on an employee (or group of employees) in real-time.

For example, let’s say that a government employee in Ottawa is suspected of taking confidential material home. A private investigator will first look to see if there is any video surveillance. It might take several hours or even weeks to look through the video footage. A private investigator will do all the legwork, to see if they can’t identify the individual who is taking confidential information home.

If the video surveillance comes up empty or is unclear, the private investigator will set up surveillance in real-time. What this means is, the private investigator will observe the employee as they go about their day. The private investigator might talk to the employee’s friends, fellow employees, neighbours, and even family to see if they can get any additional information. In some cases, the private investigator might even pose as a fellow employee. It all depends on the case and what the private investigator feels is the best approach.

Whatever it is the private investigator decides, his or her primary goal is to identify the employee that did the crime. The private investigator will put together a report based on their findings. This report is then given to the employer (and the police if required) and the missing information will be returned to its rightful owner.

Choosing the Right Private Investigator

When it comes to asking a private investigator for help, it can often be difficult to know where to turn. This is especially true for government organizations in Ottawa. After all, the government carefully selects all their employees—a private investigator is no different.

A search on the Internet will give you a whole list of private investigator organizations to choose from. That being said, how will you know which private investigator to choose from the list? Here’s where you need to do a bit of groundwork. Picking the first private investigation company you find isn’t always the best idea. Contact a few companies. Interview them as you would any employee.

Separate the Good from the Bad

Here are a few tips on how to separate the good private investigators from the bad:

A good private investigator or private investigation company will want to find out more about your case. They will ask questions and seek to understand and define your problem. If surveillance is required, a good private investigator will provide you with an appropriate plan of action.

Where is your government organization located? If it is in Edmonton or Toronto, you might not want to pick a private investigation organization that is only based in Ottawa. The reason for this is because you will not get the attention your case deserves. Try to find a local private investigator. Alternatively, many private investigation companies provide services in multiple locations throughout Canada. The Smith Investigation Agency is one of them. Availability in multiple locations ensures that you and your organization get the attention you need.

Surveillance in Ottawa Government Organizations

As mentioned above, government organizations in Ottawa can use private investigators for their surveillance needs. In certain circumstances, a private investigator will need to combine a few skills with surveillance to solve a case. The most commonly used skills in these situations include background checks and locates.

Background Checks in Ottawa

A background check is a great way to do a bit of surveillance on an employee before he or she is hired. The purpose of a background check is to uncover any information that an individual might want to hide. Information included in a background check includes,

  • Criminal record
  • Employment History
  • Previous Addresses
  • Marriage Status
  • Driving Record
  • Education Records
  • Birth Records

When it comes to working as a government employee in Ottawa, a background check becomes important for several reasons. Depending on the job, an employee is expected to have a clean criminal record. If the employee is required to drive, he or she must have a clean driving record. Having someone like a private investigator running background checks on potential employees eliminates the risk of hiring the wrong person.

In some situations, a private investigator will include surveillance in his or her background check. This is dependent on the situation, and what the client requests of the private investigator.

Locates in Ottawa

People disappear all the time. When it comes to missing people, hiring a private investigator in Ottawa can help to find someone sooner rather than later. Locates also refer to missing property or products.

In the case of the government in Ottawa, let’s say that a laptop, file, documents, etc. are stolen. A private investigator will attempt to locate both the property and the employee on behalf of the government organization. In some situations, surveillance is also required. A good private investigator will want to ensure that they find the right employee. Sometimes that means the private investigator will need to observe the employee to gather enough evidence. When enough evidence is gathered, the company can then take the appropriate action. If needed, the information can even be used against the employee in court.

General Surveillance

Surveillance isn’t just used on government employees in Ottawa. Private investigators receive jobs that require surveillance in all sorts of industries and for all sorts of reasons.  

Government organizations in Ottawa and throughout North America however, have a tough job. They need to hire employees with experience, and the right knowledge to get the job done. However, there are situations where a private investigator’s surveillance skills are required. Hiring the right private investigator to run surveillance on government employees in Ottawa will save the organization plenty of headaches in the long run.

Do you or someone you know require surveillance? We can help! Contact The Smith Investigation today for more information. or 1-888-950-4113

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