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Pro PI Tips: 8 Benefits of Installing Video Surveillance Systems in Ontario

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Throughout Ontario, private investigators use surveillance as a way to keep an eye on a suspect or individual. The art of surveillance requires a private investigator to use many different skills. You might know some of these skills. For example, in movies and television shows, cops or other characters following a suspect without his or her knowledge. The purpose of following the suspect is always to see what he or she will do, like: will he or she return to the scene of the crime? If the suspect returns to the scene of the crime or does anything suspicious, a private investigator will gather that evidence and use it to try and resolve the case. When it comes to other types of surveillance like video surveillance, the same logic applies. Video surveillance is a great way to monitor people, places and things, quickly and effectively. In fact, all across Ontario, private investigators often help clients to understand how video surveillance systems can help. Why? Well, you’re just going to have to keep reading to discover our 8 pro PI tips on the benefits of installing video surveillance systems in Ontario. 


1. Provide Protection for You and/or Your Business

The number one reason why a PI’s client will want to install video surveillance equipment is: protection. Whether you want to protect your home from break-ins or your business property from damage, installing video surveillance helps to deter criminal activity. If any damage or theft occurs, you can use video surveillance to identify the individual(s) responsibly.  

When it comes to property and products, it is impossible for someone to watch over everything 24/7. Sure, it’s possible to hire a large security team, but financially, and in the long term, it likely isn’t the best option. Working with a private investigator to understand how and where to set up video surveillance will save you valuable resources. You can then protect your assets and go to sleep at night knowing you’re covered!


2. Keep an Eye on things When You Can’t

As mentioned above, it’s impossible to keep an eye on everything, all the time. Video surveillance, however, is a great tool. The reason for this is because the installed system will keep working, even when you’re not around. 

A private investigator or private investigation agency will help you to figure out the best approach for your needs. A good PI will strive to get you the video surveillance you need. For example, let’s say that while you’re at work, someone keeps stealing your Amazon packages from your front porch. A good PI won’t try to sell you a ridiculously expensive or complicated video surveillance system. The PI likely will advise you to install a camera that will record the activity in front of your door. The video surveillance will continue to record, even when no one is home. Newer video surveillance technologies even allow you to check in on your phone or from a computer. 

The benefit here is that a PI can help you to regain power. You can keep an eye on your property. You can also get the evidence you need to stop a criminal in his or her tracks. This brings us to our next point . . . 


3. Let the Video Surveillance Speak for Itself

When theft is caught on camera, it is very difficult for the thief to deny his or her involvement. The development and improvement of video surveillance technologies is incredible. Gone are the days of grainy footage, where it’s challenging to identify the individual on a screen. Now, you can install video surveillance equipment that will provide crystal clear images. 

The benefit here is that it’s very difficult to deny theft when video surveillance captures a criminal’s face, clothing, and other important details. Video surveillance gives you a lead to work with, one that a PI can use to track down the guilty person(s). It increases the chance that you can get your stolen property back. 


4. A Professional Set-Up Means Professional Results

Hiring a good PI to help you decide the kind of video surveillance equipment you need is so important. Unless you have a background in private investigation, the police force, or security, you likely don’t know the ins and outs of the industry. 

While a little research never hurt anyone, when it comes to protecting yourself and your property, getting a second opinion is a way to go. A professional private investigator will help you to understand your best options. They will also work within your budget and can even help to solve existing problems. 


5. Your Video Surveillance Rights in Ontario

The province of Ontario, which includes cities and towns like Brampton, Burlington, Kingston, Toronto, and Ottawa, has many laws regarding video surveillance. It is not legal, for example, to set up video cameras without making the public aware that surveillance equipment is in place. 

Here’s an example of a situation in Ottawa. Due to a recent shooting in the ByWard Market area of the city, council members want to set-up video surveillance. The reason why they want to set up video surveillance is it’s a proven way to deter or curb violence and crime. After all, people are less likely to misbehave if they believe someone is watching. That being said, the city of Ottawa must be careful about introducing cameras. By law, the public must know and understand that when someone enters a video surveillance area, cameras will record their actions. The city of Ottawa must also handle the recorded information with sensitivity and care. The general public does have the right to privacy. 

Therefore, it is in your best interest to know what you can and cannot do before you go ahead and install video surveillance equipment. Seeking help from a private investigator or private investigation company in this situation is a huge benefit. 


6.Criminals, You’ve Been Warned!

What you might not know is that in Ontario (which includes Toronto, Ottawa, Brampton, Burlington and more), you must provide signage that states the property is under video surveillance. In general, this simply means the public needs to know that they will be recorded when they enter and exit your property. 

This does make some situations a bit sticky! For example, all employees must know where video surveillance equipment is in the office. However, what this means is, an employee might figure out that there’s an area in shipping where video surveillance cameras don’t reach. He or she might then decide to start taking the product and resell it to family and friends. 

The benefit of setting up surveillance in this situation is that the employee will eventually get caught. It’s only a matter of time before the employee messes up, or the company asks the private investigator to figure out what’s happened to the missing product. If the employee tries to deny any wrongdoing, the company is well protected. The criminal will have to face his or her punishment. 


7. Use Video Surveillance in Court

One of the biggest benefits to video surveillance is that you can use the evidence in court. If someone keeps stealing your Amazon packages, or product goes missing from your warehouse, video surveillance can identify the guilty party (or parties). Looking back over the video surveillance will provide the evidence you need. If you’ve worked with a PI and set up your video surveillance according to Ontario law, you can use the video in court to prove the individual(s) guilty of the crime. 

As a result of installing video surveillance, you can make sure the individual responsible doesn’t mess with you or your property again. In many cases, you can fight in court, win, and get your property back. 


8. PI’s can Locate Missing Product or Property

Working with a PI to get set up with a great video surveillance system is a good idea for several reasons. As mentioned above, a good private investigator will know about the best devices, and the best way to set them up. But what happens if your property is stolen? Recording the event is only half the battle. 

The main reason why you should work with a private investigator or private investigation agency is that they can help you to get your property back. This private investigation technique is known as a “locate”. Locates can actually refer to people as well, however, in most video surveillance cases, it’s property the private investigator tries to track down. 

At the end of the day, a good private investigator just wants to help. He or she can help you in so many different ways, to keep your property and product safety. If anything goes missing, the private investigator can then help you to identify the guilty person(s) and get your property back. 

There’s no need to worry when you have a great PI on your side. Contact us today!

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