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In this day and age, it’s rare to see a person walking down the street without a cell phone attached to his or her hip. It’s also becoming extremely common for people to open up a laptop and order something—anything—online. While both bring comfort and joy into our lives, the flip side is that there are people out there who’ve figured out ways to take advantage of our data, personal information, and even conversations. While larger companies know they need to take action, the average person doesn’t realize that protection in the home is also necessary. It’s why many homeowners turn to private investigators or private investigation companies. A private investigator has the technology and tools needed to evaluate Technical Surveillance Counter Measures and protect your home. 

However, before we can talk more about how you can protect your home against hackers, etc., let’s take a closer look at what Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures actually is, and how hiring a private investigator can help you protect your home. 

What are Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures?

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures is the art of preventing hackers or criminals from listening in on private conversations. Another way of thinking about TSCM is that it’s the art of preventing individuals from stealing your data or private information. TSCM applies to a breach of privacy in both companies and homes across the globe. 

To help you better understand, here are two examples where TSCM services were required. Both situations took place in 2019.


Desjardins, a Quebec based financial institution, has recently experienced a serious breach of privacy. According to Global News, an employee illegally accessed and shared externally, the personal information of more than 2.9 million of its members, including 2.7 million individual members and 173,000 business members.” 

British Airlines

Here’s another example. The New York Times reported that in 2018 in the UK, British Airlines experienced a breach of data. The cause of the breach was due to poor Internet security. It allowed hackers to set up a fake site. Approximately 500,000 customers thought they were purchasing a flight from the airline, actually gave hackers personal data. Some of the personal data included,

  • Payment card details
  • Travel bookings
  • Name
  • Address
  • Login information 

Now that you know what TSCM is, let’s explore a little bit about how it affects Canada. 


At the moment, Canada isn’t as active as the United States when it comes to TSCM. However, in 2011, the Defense Minister approved a program. This program searches for and gathers information on suspicious activity. The program also collects meta-data. 

The primary purpose of this program is to try and keep Canada and other areas of the world safe. If someone living in Canada is searching online for dangerous weapons or is discussing criminal activity via chat or email, this program will catch the TSCM activity. Once caught, the authorities can find and stop that person before anything serious happens. 

This is the power of hiring a private investigator. A private investigator can provide TSCM services to help you protect your home. 

Do You Need TSCM in Your Home?

You might not think you need TSCM in your home. But how do you know for sure that no one is tracking you or your family? To keep your home protected, at least think about hiring a private investigator to evaluate your home for areas of improvement. 

The areas in which a private investigator will look into include, electronic, software and human. 


In today’s day and age, bugs might seem like a myth. However, the truth is, the technology has only improved over time. Bugs can now come in sizes so small, it takes a trained eye to spot them. 

The primary purpose of a bug is to gather information through conversation or video surveillance. When placed in the home without the homeowner’s knowledge, this is completely illegal. Therefore, if you believe someone has bugged your home, you will want to consider calling a private investigator or private investigation agency. A private investigator will do a thorough sweep of your home. This means he or she, or even a team will search your house from top to bottom for any more bugs or other weak spots. 

If you aren’t sure whether or not you’ve been bugged, a private investigator will tell you to check your home for a few key details. Things to look out for in your home that could indicate someone has installed an electronic device or bug include,

  • Missing and replaced items
  • Your things seem out of place
  • Fresh paint
  • Dust on the floor or furniture

The bottom line here is that if you aren’t sure, there’s nothing wrong with asking a private investigator for his or her opinion. Getting advice from a trained professional never hurts. It will also ensure that you, your family, and your personal information stay protected. 


Everyone who uses a laptop or cellphone is using the software. When it comes to TSCM, you need to be careful of hackers, or glitches in that software that could compromise your personal data. 

Hackers put programs on top of websites, and other software programs that can redirect you to another page. If you’ve ever seen a pop-up that tells you that you’ve won a lot of money, home, or boat, this is also the work of someone who wants to collect your personal data. Clicking on these types of links or entering your data means that you’ve likely compromised your private information.  

A private investigator will examine your laptops and other devices for TSCM. If a private investigator finds evidence of a breach in privacy, or that the Internet connection isn’t safe, he or she will put measures in place to increase security. The private investigator will also work with you to make sure you remain protected in the future. 


Behind every cyber attack or hacking incident is a human being collecting information. So, while TSCM refers more to technology, a private investigator can’t ignore the fact that there’s someone sitting on the other side of the screen. In some situations, those individuals follow or tail their targets. This is a method of surveillance that you also might not even know is happening. 

A private investigator will not only check your home for bugs or hacked software. He or she might need to make sure that no one is following you as you go about your day. If someone is following you, it gives him or her the opportunity to learn about you and your family. That individual can pretend to be you, and if they have your data, it makes stealing your credit card digits that much easier. 

How Will a Private Investigator Protect Your Home?

When a private investigator comes into your home, he or she will evaluate every area of your house for TSCM. The honest truth is, he or she might find evidence of electronic, software or human counterintelligence activity. What this means is, the private investigator might find bugs or compromised software on your laptop. Once you know about the TSCM, you likely want to know what the private investigator will do to help you protect your home in the future. 

A good private investigator will help you to resolve issues. If a private investigator finds evidence of a bug, he or she will remove that bug. And if a private investigator finds evidence of unsecured emails on your laptop, he or she will recommend and implement a fix. The point of the private investigator’s investigation is to find any activity and stop it from happening again.

In addition, a private investigator will also help you to find the person(s) responsible. If anyone has bugged your home, the private investigator will try to figure out who did it and why. If someone has hacked into your computer or phone or is following you outside your home, a private investigator will do his or her best to find the guilty party. After all, once you have the information and evidence, you can truly ensure that your privacy is never compromised again. You can keep your home protected. 

At the end of the day, wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry? 

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