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Reconnecting: How to Locate Missing Persons

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Reconnecting: How to Locate Missing Persons

When trying to reconnect with a missing person, a skiptrace or locate search can help find them. Skiptracing involves tracing a person’s personal information, such as their address, phone number, driver’s license, ancestry searches, financial records, and other identifying information. Skiptracing can find lost family members, long-lost friends, debtors, or other individuals. The ultimate goal of a skiptrace is to reconnect loved ones and restore families.

The Skiptracing Process

Skiptracing involves searching through public and private databases, conducting interviews, and using investigative techniques. These methods help piece together information about the person. Skiptracing can uncover the whereabouts of a missing person and sometimes reveal why they may have gone missing. With skiptracing, many individuals have reunited with their loved ones, and families have been restored.

Are All Missing Persons Cases the Same?

No, not all missing persons cases are the same. Sometimes, the person is not actually missing but estranged from the client. The goal is to reconnect with them. The investigation may involve locating a missing person or helping bring two parties back in contact. Understanding the full scope of the situation is crucial before moving forward with the investigation.

A missing person is someone whose whereabouts are unknown and who is not where they would normally be expected to be. They may have been kidnapped, abducted, or gone missing for various reasons, such as running away, being a crime victim, getting lost in a wilderness area, being lost at sea, or falling victim to foul play.

Different Circumstances for Missing Persons

In some cases, a missing person may have had a physical or mental health episode that led to their disappearance. When a person goes missing, their family, friends, and community members may launch a search to find them. Law enforcement agencies may also be involved in the search and investigation.

Missing Person Database

In Canada, you can visit the Government of Canada’s “Canada’s Missing” website to learn more about cases in Canada.

How to Locate a Family Member

When conducting a locate or missing person investigation, we trace the person’s current whereabouts. We use a variety of search strategies, including searching databases, conducting interviews, and using other investigative resources. We may also use surveillance techniques such as tracking phone numbers, monitoring social media, or conducting physical surveillance. The goal is to find the person and determine their current location.

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