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Searching for your Birth Parents? Hire a Private Investigator

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When a person disappears, family and friends are often left wondering, what happened? For a child searching for their birth parents, this question is often at the forefront of their mind.

Here at the Smith Investigation Agency, our private investigators helped over 80 children find their birth parents just in the last year. This is a great source of pride for us. We strive to help our clients find closure—no matter the case.

We have found that many people attempt to find a missing person on their own. At first, this might seem like the best and most cost-effective approach. However, finding a birth parent or missing family member is most often easier said than done.

Locate Your Birth Parent – Hire a Private Investigator

The best results always come from hiring a professional. It’s why we recommend hiring a private investigator. Private investigators are licensed individuals trained to use different tools and techniques. These tools and techniques help private investigators solve all kinds of cases. These cases can include employee theft, insurance fraud and everything in between.

If you are searching for your birth parent, the most effective use of your time is to hire a private investigator or private investigation company. Since a private investigator has a license and special training, it also means they have access to databases and other information. With only a few pieces of information, a private investigator will know where to look, what questions to ask and often find birth parents quickly and with minimal cost to you and your family.

Related Private Investigation Services

There are a few types of services a private investigator will offer in order to help you find your birth parent. Furthermore, these services often relate to each other. They often help the private investigator or private investigation agency solve the case. These services can include,

A Skip Trace/Locate

A skip trace is the term used when a licensed private investigator attempts to locate a person who has gone missing. Locate is a similar term, and is therefore used in a similar situation: to find an individual (who may or may not have gone missing). This term is often used in situations where a child is searching for a birth parent.

Background Check

Background checks are common. A lot of companies and organizations require a background check when hiring an employee. It is in their best interest to hire the right person, especially when it comes to specific occupations. When hiring a Chief Financial Officer, for example, the company will want to know that the potential hire doesn’t have a criminal record.

It is also possible for one individual to conduct a background check on another individual. For example, when it comes to dating, most people want to know that the person they are seeing isn’t a sex offender, etc.

When it comes to finding a birth parent, a background check provides a lot of information. A private investigator can uncover the individual’s real name, places of employment and even current address.


There are situations where an individual or company will want to keep an eye on things. Surveillance is a technique used to watch over people, places or specific items. When it comes to people, surveillance is often used to determine their routine and behaviour. One of the most common situations where surveillance on an individual is used is to catch a cheating spouse. That being said, surveillance is also used to identify and confirm a missing person, or birth parent of an adopted child.

Private Investigator Techniques

Now that you better understand the services a private investigator might employ to help you find your birth parent, missing family member or friend, let’s take a look at the different techniques associated with each.

Background Check

Private investigators have access to many different databases and have contacts in many different fields. Using these contacts and searching through these databases is the quickest and easiest way to find a birth parent. Depending on whether or not you want to approach your birth parent, background checks are the best way to give you peace of mind.

Background checks can include,

  • Criminal records
  • Previous employment
  • Tax evasion
  • Current address
  • Financial state

It is important to note that a good private investigator will never do anything illegal to obtain information. In some areas, for example, it is not legal to access banking information. In other areas, a private investigator cannot search through a person’s trash on their own. A good private investigator will know what is legal. They will solve the case the right way, the first time.


A background check only provides a little bit of information. Yet, you might want more. It is common for a private investigator to conduct surveillance. This is done after the birth parent, or family member is found. Surveillance requires a private investigator to watch an individual as they go about their day.

Private investigators train using surveillance techniques. As a result, it prevents them from getting caught. If a private investigator does get caught, this could really upset the birth parent or individual—especially if they don’t want to be found.


A private investigator will also employ the help of other people to find a missing person or birth parent. For example, the private investigator will want to know what information (if any) you have on your birth mother; they might want to speak to your adoptive parents and anyone else who might know anything about your adoption process.

From the information that a private investigator gathers during an interview, they can start to build their case.

Don’t Try it on Your Own!

As you can see, a lot of what a private investigator does requires training. Being a private investigator also requires a license. If you decide to try and find your birth parent on your own, you run the risk of wasting your time. And that’s only the least of your worries! You might find yourself in a lot of trouble if you get caught on private property, obtaining illegal information and so on.

It’s true. Some people have found success using social media platforms like Facebook to find their birth parent or even a missing family member. At the same time, this method can take a lot of time to generate results. It can also be extremely invasive for those who would rather not be in the public eye.

Why run the risk? All you want to do is find your birth parent or missing family member. You don’t want to end up on the wrong side of the law!

Your best shot at solving the case is to hire a private investigator. Take it from us. You won’t regret the investment.

Are you searching for a birth parent? Maybe you’re looking for a missing family member. Don’t waste precious time, contact us today for more information on how we can help!

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