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Skip Tracing Mississauga: Locate Someone and Get Answers

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The need to locate someone may come up more frequently in your everyday life than you might think. The term “skip tracing” has been given to the practice of locating evasive people. “Skip” refers to the person who has skipped out and is not easily located by conventional methods, and tracing refers to the process behind finding them. Skip tracing is performed by professional private investigators who have the means to locate people who wish to remain hidden.

Who can benefit from skip tracing?

You may not feel that skip tracing aka locating someone is something that will be useful to you, but here is a real life scenario that led an everyday person to require skip tracing:

A lady in Mississauga, Ontario purchased a house and realized shortly after that the septic tank was in poor condition. Legally, this should have been disclosed during the purchase process, but the seller chose to omit this information. The purchaser decided to hire a Mississauga private investigator to perform a skip trace on the seller, who was not returning any calls and seemed to be difficult to locate by conventional methods. The purchaser needed to find the seller’s address in order to serve papers to take the seller to court over the faulty septic tank. The Mississauga private investigator was able to locate the seller using different skip tracing methods and the purchaser was able to serve court documents on them.

What is involved in the skip tracing process?

To be a proficient modern day skip tracer, you need to be computer savvy. A lot of information can be gathered from the internet if you know where to look. Skip tracing involves looking in places you may not initially think to look, such as job applications, criminal records, credit card applications, courthouse records, or public tax information. Although people may think that their personal information is secure from outside onlookers, there are many ways a private investigator performing a skip trace can access information.

Having the right private investigator is what will make all of the difference in the skip tracing process. Even the common everyday person can require skip tracing in situations such as locating an ex-spouse for child support or locating a contractor who took off before completing a home repair project and many other very common situations.

If you need to locate an evasive person, or simply someone who you have no contact information for, call The Smith Investigation Agency and speak to a professional who can assist you in your search. 

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