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Skip Tracing – The Time is Now!

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The majority of skip tracing cases we hear or read about in the news tend to involve people with really bad credit. Often, these folks vanish into the night with an untold number of bills left unpaid. While these stories attract a lot of attention, there are many other uses for skip tracing. One of these is to find missing family members.

Family members go missing for so many different reasons. It could be that your teenaged son has run away, or that your father left your family when you were very young, or maybe your sister was involved in petty theft or crime.

People go missing all the time, and it’s every family’s biggest nightmare.

The good news is private investigators are people who are trained in tracking down and finding missing people. Hiring one to find your missing family member will save you valuable time and worry.

What Information Does the PI Need?

If the information that you have on the missing family member is limited, don’t worry. Generally, a private investigator only requires the full name of the person you are looking for.

If you have more information, like social insurance number or most recent residential address, it will help to make the job a little simpler. Again, if you don’t have much on the person, it is worth the effort to try working with a private investigator anyway. An experienced detective will know exactly where to look and how to get the information they need to find the missing family member. Remember, they deal with cases like yours all the time!

Why Now?

The longer you wait to find a family member, the more difficult is will be for the private investigator to find them. With each passing week, month or year, the missing person has the opportunity to move, change jobs, change their name and eventually disappear.

We’ve got too many stories to count, where a client has waited too long to search for a missing relative. In these cases, it takes us much longer to find the person and in rare cases, we don’t find them at all. Even worse, in situations where a client is looking for a parent, age plays a significant factor. Sometimes, the parent passes away before we can find them.

Want our advice? Don’t wait to find someone you love. The time is now—before it’s too late.

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