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Surprising Stats of Cheating in 2020

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Is your partner cheating on you? According to studies, nearly half of unwed relationships experience at least one incident of infidelity. What about marriages? Data shows that there’s a 70 percent chance that your spouse will engage in some kind of affair over your relationship and a 25 percent chance that they will cheat at least once. If these numbers come as a shock, they should. What other surprising stats of cheating in 2020 should you know about? 

Women Are More Likely to Cheat

This may come as a surprise but one statistic that will amaze you is that infidelity among women has increased by nearly 40 percent in the last 20 years. Today, millennial women are actually more likely to cheat on their spouses than men.  

Sexual Dissatisfaction Ranks as Number 1

Researchers found that sexual dissatisfaction was the number one cause of infidelity in a relationship. Considering most couples go through a bit of a dry spell, this can be fairly concerning. 

Cheating Has Become Easier

Online dating apps have made it much easier to cheat without getting caught than before. There should be no surprise to learn that millennials are the most likely to cheat than older generations by using one of these apps. 

Online Affairs Are Addictive

The thrill of not getting caught when cheating online is also addictive. Studies show that 90 percent of those who have had one online affair will start another one immediately after the first. 

Friends and Coworkers Are Top Choices

Stats also show that most spouses are cheating on their partner with a friend (40%) or coworker (35%). Surprisingly, strangers and the ex were not at the top of the list. 

Most Affairs End in the First Six Months

Most affairs are not one-night stands either. Only 25 percent reported having an affair that lasted less than a week and nearly 65 percent end within the first 6 months.  

These numbers should only worry you if you have cause for concern. Only if your partner has started showing tell-tale signs of infidelity should you start to consider looking into it. What signs often indicate your partner is being unfaithful? The most common signs are working late, taking sudden unplanned work trips, spending more time with friends without you, concealing their texts and phone calls, acting defensive, and a sudden loss of interest in sex. If you suspect your partner is cheating, contact us at The Smith Investigation Agency. Our trained PIs can help you get to the bottom of things – legally and discreetly.