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Surprising Stats of Cheating in 2024: Insights and FAQs on Modern Infidelity

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Surprising Stats of Cheating in 2024: Insights and FAQs on Modern Infidelity

Is your partner cheating on you? With nearly half of unwed relationships reporting at least one incident of infidelity, it’s a valid concern. And marriages? Shockingly, there’s a 70 percent chance your spouse will engage in an affair over the course of your relationship, with a 25 percent chance they will cheat at least once. These stats might be alarming, but they’re crucial to understanding the dynamics of modern relationships.

Women Are More Likely to Cheat

In a surprising turn, infidelity among women has spiked by nearly 40 percent over the past two decades. Today, millennial women are more likely than their male counterparts to stray from a committed relationship.

The Leading Cause of Infidelity: Sexual Dissatisfaction

Sexual dissatisfaction is the foremost driver behind extramarital affairs. As many couples experience dry spells, this finding highlights a significant red flag for relationship health.

The Role of Technology in Cheating

Online dating apps like Tinder have simplified the art of clandestine romance. It’s no wonder millennials are the most likely to use these platforms to engage in affairs, making cheating a mere swipe away.

The Addictive Nature of Online Affairs

The thrill of an undiscovered affair is addictive. A staggering 90 percent of those who have had one online affair will dive into another soon after the first ends, drawn by the allure of secrecy and excitement.

Common Partners in Infidelity

When it comes to choosing an affair partner, spouses often turn to a friend (40%) or coworker (35%). This preference for familiar connections over strangers or exes may be surprising to some.

The Lifespan of Affairs

Contrary to the idea of brief flings, most affairs last longer than a night but tend to dissolve within six months. This duration reflects both the intense, fleeting nature of cheating and the complex emotions involved.

These insights are concerning only if you see worrying signs of a cheating partner. Common indicators include working late, sudden unplanned work trips, increased privacy with texts and calls, defensiveness, and a marked decrease in sexual interest. If these warning signs trigger alarms, consider consulting with The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. Our private investigators are adept at navigating these delicate situations with discretion and legal precision, helping you through the healing process whether you’re in Toronto, Vancouver, or Calgary or anywhere in Canada for that matter we operate from coast to coast. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Infidelity

What is considered infidelity?

Infidelity encompasses both physical and emotional relationships that breach the trust of a committed relationship, differing from mere cheating, which may involve any form of deceitful behaviour.

What is the difference between cheating and infidelity?

While all infidelity involves cheating, not all cheating is infidelity. Cheating can occur in non-romantic contexts, but infidelity specifically violates the exclusivity of a romantic commitment.

What does my infidelity mean?

Infidelity often indicates underlying issues in a relationship or personal struggles with commitment and may require introspection and professional help to understand fully.

Can a relationship survive infidelity?

Yes, though challenging, many relationships can recover from infidelity through honest communication, therapy, and a mutual desire to mend the bond.

How to spot a cheater?

Look for changes in behaviour like increased secrecy, unexplained absences, and sudden disinterest in intimacy—key red flags suggesting cheating.

How serious is infidelity?

Infidelity can severely impact both personal well-being and the health of a relationship, making it a grave issue in many cases.

At what age is infidelity most common?

Studies suggest middle age is a peak time for infidelity as individuals reassess their lives and relationships.

Do cheaters feel guilty?

Many cheaters experience guilt and remorse, although the intensity can vary based on personal ethics and the circumstances of the affair.

Should you stay with a cheater?

Deciding to stay with a cheater depends on many factors, including the nature of the cheating, personal values, and whether both partners are committed to healing.

What is the biggest cause of infidelity?

Emotional dissatisfaction and unmet needs are frequently cited as primary drivers for infidelity, often more so than physical dissatisfaction.

Can being cheated on ruin your life?

While deeply hurtful, being cheated on doesn’t have to define or destroy one’s life. Support and therapy can greatly aid in recovery.

How many marriages succeed after infidelity?

Approximately 70% of marriages attempt to survive infidelity, with varying degrees of success depending on the depth of trust rebuilding and commitment to the relationship.

Does a cheater regret cheating?

Regret is common among cheaters, particularly if they value their relationship and are confronted with the potential loss of their partner and the trust broken.

Will a cheater ever change?

A cheater can change if they are genuinely committed to the relationship and undertake serious personal work, often with the help of counseling and a strong support network.

Does a cheater still love you?

Cheating doesn’t necessarily mean a cheater has stopped loving their partner. Infidelity can be more about the cheater’s personal issues than their feelings for their partner.

Can you ever trust a cheater again?

Rebuilding trust is possiblebut it requires consistent effort, transparency, and time from the cheating partner.

Do cheaters cheat again?

While not inevitable, some cheaters do repeat their behaviours. The risk of recurring infidelity depends on individual traits, the reasons behind the initial cheating, and whether they’ve addressed underlying issues.

When should you give up on a cheater?

Giving up on a cheater may be the right decision if repeated cheating occurs if they show no genuine remorse or effort to change, or if the emotional toll becomes unbearable. For some it may be cheating porn. 


Understanding infidelity and navigating the complexities of a relationship post-breach of trust requires patience and often professional guidance. If you suspect your partner is cheating, listening to your instincts and looking for the aforementioned warning signs can be the first step toward addressing the issue. Whether it leads to healing together or moving on, prioritizing your mental health and consulting with a private investigator can provide the clarity and closure needed.

If you need support, remember that agencies like The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. are equipped to help uncover the truth discreetly and professionally, with offices in cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Calgary, ensuring you have the resources to make informed decisions about your relationship.

For further guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out or consult with a counsellor to help navigate the healing process. Remember, whether staying or leaving, what matters most is your well-being and the quality of the life you choose moving forward.

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