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Surveillance During a Pandemic

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Many clients have concerns surrounding whether surveillance during the pandemic is a good idea. Though it is true that more people are less active, at the end of the day, people still need to leave their homes at some point to purchase supplies. Therefore, if you’re case is in search of evidence surrounding overall mobility, surveillance even now can still be useful. 

COVID-19 has certainly disrupted life and how we go about our everyday lives, but for the most part, everyone seems to be adjusting just fine with the use of online options and social distancing. This does not and has not, limited people from leaving their home for essentials and therefore, any bit of activity could be exactly what a client is looking for, especially if the person doesn’t have their guard up due to the global circumstance. 

Here are a couple of different case examples on how and why surveillance can still be a useful tool during a pandemic: 

In the example where a spouse suspects a partner is cheating, surveillance can still be found useful, yes, even during these times. At the end of the day, humans are creatures of habit. If a person is actively involved in a double life, he or she will not resist the desire to find an excuse to pick up and leave, even if that means saying they are just going out to buy supplies. Meanwhile, they are meeting up with their lover at a store, at which time the two might even shop together, still spending quality time, with potential for a kiss goodbye in the parking lot. We’ve seen it happen!

Another example and not uncommon, is an employee before the pandemic who had requested modified duties due to a work injury. Though he or she is currently off work, assuming your business is non-essential and temporarily closed, we can still observe them active in their home life. We can’t even begin to tell you how many people have been seen outside doing yard work or cleaning their car. As we’ve transitioned into spring, there are many chores to go around for all family members and that includes those who have claimed to be injured but are now bored at home. Yard work is the best way to see a person’s overall body movements and also a great way to determine whether they’re full of it or legit in their injury claim. 

In both examples, if a person lives in an apartment building or condominium, yes this can raise challenges, however, what we would really be looking for is any activity on behalf of their comings and goings. Knowing vehicle details, if the person is a driver, will definitely assist in us following the person leaving their home. In both cases, it would be of great value to a client to know where they are going, what are they doing and who are they meeting up with. 

It’s understandable that some would think surveillance isn’t a good time right now, however, I beg to differ. As we are all adjusting to our new, hopefully temporary, normal, and the weather is getting nicer, there is still a lot that can be seen activity-wise. The only time I’d revisit the idea of surveillance is if what you’re wanting to see, for example, whether a person working on a job site is performing, is not possible due to obvious reasons; constructions sites have closed. The clear answer here is, yes, revisit surveillance when things get back to normal. However, for all of the above reasons, surveillance is and can still be a great approach, even during a pandemic. 

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