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Surveillance in the Big City: How PIs Track in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton

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Throughout Canada, there are many cities that rank amongst the best in the world. These cities include Toronto, Edmonton, and Ottawa. When we look at what makes a big city great, we see that they all share things in common. Some of these common characteristics include a large population and job opportunities in many different industries. For example, Toronto (which includes Mississauga and Brampton) has over 2.7 million people. The City of Toronto displays several rankings for the city. In 2018, Toronto ranked amongst the top ten cities in several different categories and ranked 16th in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey.  As you can imagine, with so many people living across so much land, it makes it a little more challenging for law enforcement to handle criminal activity. This is why PIs or Private Investigators have to change their tactics when working a case in a big city.

Why Hire a Private Investigator?

Individual people and even companies, or organizations, hire private investigators. Gone are the days of sketchy PI’s sitting in cars and trying to make a quick buck. These days, and especially in Toronto, Mississauga, and Brampton, private investigators offer a wide range of services. PIs also use the latest and greatest in surveillance (and other) technologies. The truth is, in today’s modern and connected world, a private investigator does so much more than catch a cheating spouse.  

From background checks to locates, to surveillance, a private investigator can help you with your specific needs. She or he is a dedicated resource who will focus on your case and help you to get you the answers you need.

In Ontario, a private investigator must complete private investigator training and pass an exam in order to receive a valid license. This license truly helps to separate the good private investigators from the bad. A good PI will also come with references and referrals. She or he will know how to handle your case and provide you with an accurate quote.

A bad private investigator, for example, might give you one quote, only to come back after a few weeks and say that they need more money. A good PI will get the job done right the first time around. Therefore, it is also a good idea to do a bit of research on a private investigator before you hand over your money. It will certainly save you from headaches later on!


Mississauga or Brampton: Location, Location, Location!

Within the GTA area, it’s best to try to find a local private investigator. Many private investigators expand their services areas to include Mississauga, Brampton, and more, as it doesn’t take too much time to move from one area of the city to the other.

If however, you live in another big Canadian city, like Ottawa, Edmonton or even Calgary, hiring a more local private investigator is worth your while. That being said, many private investigation companies offer services throughout the country. The Smith Investigation Agency, for example, offers services in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton, but we also have private investigators available in Edmonton and Calgary. Asking the private investigator you want to work with which areas of Canada they cover is always a good idea.  

What is Surveillance?

As you read or watch your local Toronto news, you’ve likely noticed photos or video footage taken from the scene of the crime. Both photographs and video footage provide great examples of surveillance. Companies, homeowners, and others use this type of technology across Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton. The reason for its popularity is because if something happens, evidence and identification of the suspect are readily available. When it comes to private investigators, the same, or similar, methods apply.

Surveillance is a technique private investigators use to observe an individual, or group, as they go about their daily activities. These types of cases can involve running through hours of video surveillance. It can also include sitting in a parked car outside an individual’s house. The main purpose of surveillance is to catch a suspect in the act, record the incident and report the information to the client.

Locates & Surveillance

In addition to surveillance, private investigators often employ locate techniques. A locate case requires a private investigator to find a missing person or item(s). For example, a company makes a bad deal with an investor. They send the investor hundreds of thousands in product. The investor doesn’t pay the company. In fact, he disappears, along with the product. In this situation, the company can hire a private investigator to help track the product, and the investor, down.

Another example includes finding a birth parent. In Toronto, Canada and throughout North America, children are given up for adoption every year.  Some of these children grow up and wish to find their birth parent. However, he or she often doesn’t know where to start. Hiring a private investigator to dig up the paperwork and sort through the details will help to find the birth parent quickly. Once the private investigator locates the birth parent, he or she may do a bit of surveillance in Mississauga, Brampton, or wherever the birth parent lives. The reason for surveillance is just to make sure that the private investigator did indeed find the right person.

Background Checks & Surveillance

Do you know who you’re really dating? What about your employees, do you trust them to help you run your business? In Toronto and other big cities, these questions become very important. A private investigator can help by running background checks for you, or for a company. A background check will reveal information including previous marriages, a criminal record, previous employment, and more. In some cases, a private investigator will also include surveillance in a background check.

At the end of the private investigator’s research, they will provide you or the company with a report. The report provides the information you or the company needs to make a decision. For example, let’s say you’re dating someone in Mississauga and find out that they actually have a family in Edmonton. A private investigator will uncover this information. You can avoid heartbreak sooner rather than later! This kind of information is especially important to uncover before a big commitment, like a marriage since the person you wed would get access to your funds and assets. Don’t let it fall into the wrong hands.

Surveillance in The GTA, Mississauga or Brampton

When it comes to private investigation in a big city like Toronto, Mississauga or Brampton, a PI needs to evaluate the situation. Why? Well, in cities, a private investigator will likely need to cover more ground. If they need to follow a lead in rush hour traffic, the potential to lose the lead is very high. When it comes to surveillance in cities like Toronto, a PI will often work with a team of private investigators. The reason for this is because they can cover more ground and reduce the risk of losing track of the suspect or lead.

PIs who work in a big city to have one advantage. With so many people around, it becomes much easier to follow a suspect without notice. Also, a parked car outside a busy street doesn’t attract too much attention. As you can see, a big city can help a private investigator, but they must also be prepared for situations where backup is required.

So, whether you live in Toronto, Mississauga or Brampton, living in a big city comes with a ton of benefits. When it comes to PI work, the same logic applies.

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