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Surveillance Investigation Skills and Techniques

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As a Private Investigator, your operation has the potential of going belly-up the moment you get caught. Surveillance can be tricky, especially in a world where people are increasingly on the lookout for privacy invasions and have grown wary of strangers. Here are a few tips for going unnoticed when performing surveillance-related investigation duties. 

Before proceeding, know that you should always follow local trespassing and privacy laws. Everyone has rights and they need to be respected. This ensures you are operating in a compliant manner, plus any evidence gathered during your investigation will be obtained legally.

Fit In

We’ve all heard the saying, “hiding in plain sight.” Whether you’re observing your subject from a coffee house or in your car parked on the side of the street, you need to have a reason for being where you are that makes you blend into the crowd. An optimal way to do this is to create a character (pretend to be a commuter when tracking them on a bus, for instance). Don’t wear flashy clothes, don’t be interesting and attention-grabbing, and try to avoid making eye contact. Always be in a place where you can see the surveillance target without difficulty, as you don’t want to lose them. 

Bring the Right Equipment and Document Your Findings

Most smartphones come equipped with voice recorders and high-definition cameras. It’s far easier to get caught carrying a DSLR camera because not everyone carries one, and therefore it’s an eye-catcher. You may be able to get by with a quick stroll near your target with this camera, but if you repeatedly appear before them, they’ll notice you. Also invest in a low-key car like a Toyota Corolla. Cars that are widely available and driven by practically everyone are less noticeable than big vans or expensive vehicles.

Also, document, document, document. That includes dates and times of important events, what is going on in the photos taken, and a more detailed summary of voice recordings when you have the time. Bring a notebook. Have a place for it in your car for easy storage, or make sure it’s small enough to be tucked away unseen. 

Observe and Anticipate

Lastly, ensure you’ve mapped out the areas that your target usually spends time in so that you aren’t ever too close to them. If you know the route they’ll take towards their house and away from it, park along one of the streets on that route instead of in front of the door. Always anticipate action as well. This will allow you to get gear out, such as your phone, to capture important evidence in time. If you start taking your phone out before an event actually starts, it will also seem less suspicious.

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