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Surveillance & Private Investigators Across Canada

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All across Canada, many homeowners invest in a little something called, surveillance. This type of surveillance requires the installation of cameras and other technologies in and around the home. The major reason why so many people invest in home surveillance equipment is that it really people to keep an eye on their property when they aren’t around. On top of individual home surveillance, some communities also hire security guards to keep an eye on who comes in and out of the area.

It might interest you to know that in addition to these security conscious neighbourhoods, many companies and individuals in North America now understand the importance of surveillance. Even with security measures like ID cards in place, it is easy for an employee or stranger to gain access to a building. Installing security cameras and hiring security guards to keep watch over office and product is the number one way to prevent theft or damage.

But what about situations that fall outside of community or company control? It might surprise you to learn that private investigators spend a lot of their time on surveillance cases. The reason for this is because they have the knowledge and training that most other occupations don’t to catch things like infidelity, asset theft and more.

Private Investigator Surveillance Training

The reason why so many people or companies turn to private investigators for help is that they have gone through specialized training. Surveillance techniques require significant practice and patience. Without this specialized training, any attempt to conduct surveillance typically ends in disaster.

If you are not a licensed private investigator, don’t attempt to do any surveillance work on your own. The same goes for companies. Don’t ask your Human Resources department to investigate a fellow employee or client. The reason for this is because you or your employees risk getting caught. You could end up receiving a fine or even face charges instead of the real guilty party.

Most Common Types of Surveillance Cases

Hiring a private investigator will take the stress of the situation off your hands. It will also help your case to come to a resolution much faster. Private investigators take on many different types of surveillance cases, some more common than others. The most common surveillance cases include,

Child Abduction & Abuse

Private investigators see a lot of child abduction or child abuse cases. It’s important to note that the police need to be notified of either situation. They often work together with private investigators to keep the case moving forward. Parents will also hire private investigators themselves if they feel the police can’t dedicate resources or help.

Surveillance for Child Abduction

Child abduction is a parent’s worst nightmare. Statistically speaking, a child is usually abducted by someone they know. In a lot of cases, a parent, or another relative abducts the child. This family member escapes across borders and into different countries to try and avoid notice. In many other cases, the child has decided to leave home on their own, for whatever reason.

Understanding this likely doesn’t make the situation any easier, but it is important information to a private investigator.

Many parents turn to private investigators to help find their missing child. A private investigator’s best tool when it comes child abduction cases is surveillance. Surveillance cameras and other equipment often assist in locating an abducted child. Quite often, a private investigator can uncover the last place that the child was seen before they went missing. Finding this evidence can reveal whom the child is with or where they might be headed.

Once the identity of the abductor is determined, a private investigator will set up surveillance. Similar to child abuse cases, the private investigator will park outside the individual’s home and watch for signs of the missing child. If the individual leaves home, the private investigator will follow the individual. In cases where the child runs away from home, a private investigator might locate the child living on the streets, or in an abandoned building.

The purpose of conducting surveillance in this situation is to prove that the individual has the child. At this point, the police will likely get involved in removing the child from the situation. If the child has run away, the parent can then also get the police involved (if the child is still legally under their care).

Surveillance for Child Abuse

Child abuse is another situation where a private investigator will set up surveillance. In most cities and provinces, it is illegal to take pictures through windows. It is also illegal to install surveillance equipment without a person’s knowledge. Therefore, surveillance becomes a very important way in which a private investigator catches a child abuser.

In most cases, the private investigator will wait in a parked car somewhere near the child’s home. The private investigator will watch the home for signs of activity and will record or take photos to gather any evidence of child abuse. If the child leaves home with the adult in question, the private investigator will follow. In many cases, the private investigator will work with a few other private eyes. Together, they can better keep track of the individual and his or her actions.

Overall, the primary purpose of surveillance in a child abuse case is to record evidence of the abuse. Once a private investigator gets this evidence, the appropriate authorities can remove the child from the situation. The evidence a private investigator collects can also be used in court.

Child abuse is one of the toughest cases a private investigator will face. They understand the importance of uncovering the truth to protect the safety of the child in question. This is why hiring a private investigator to conduct surveillance is your best shot at uncovering the truth.

Cheating Spouses

Cheating spouse cases pretty much always require a private investigator to conduct surveillance. The reason for this is because someone in the relationship wants physical proof that his or her spouse is unfaithful.

The most common way to catch a cheating spouse is to park in a car close to his or her house. In many cases, a private investigator will catch another woman or man entering the home while the husband or wife is at work. Another common cheating scenario occurs when the husband or wife announces a sudden trip. Hiring a private investigator to follow the spouse to their travel destination allows them to conduct surveillance. In this case, the private investigator will act as a fellow vacationer and keep an eye on the spouse’s activities. They can gather photos and even video surveillance right from the beach.

Skip Tracing

Skip Trace cases often require a private investigator to run surveillance. This type of case requires a private investigator to find a missing person. This missing person might owe a company money, or might even be a long-lost relative.

The reason why a private investigator would set up surveillance for a skip trace is to make sure that they don’t leave town again. Someone who doesn’t want to be found will scare easy. Therefore, a private investigator will firstly, make sure that they’ve found the right person, and secondly conduct that surveillance in a way where they don’t get caught.

Asset Search

If a company doesn’t do their homework, they can end up making a really bad deal. In some cases, a bad deal means that they lose hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of product. For smaller companies, this can mean complete and total bankruptcy.

When this happens, the best thing a company can do is, hire a private investigator. A private investigator can track down the responsible party and find missing product, property and more. Part of the process of tracking down a company’s assets is surveillance.

A private investigator will not want to point fingers until they know for sure that they found the assets. To get the proof that they need, a private investigator will set up surveillance to catch the criminal. This means that the private investigator will follow the suspect. Quite often, the suspect will lead them right to the assets. In other situations, the private investigator will watch to see if the suspect tries to make another deal with another company.

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