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Tales from a PI: Elder and Teenage Activity Checks

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Although this may seem like a strange concept for people to understand: having their children or elderly family members followed. However, it can be beneficial to determine if the elderly are safe and mentally sound, to ensure they are not being taken advantage of if they are in care. Activity checks can also monitor whom your children are spending time with.

We receive a lot of calls about people just wanting to know what’s going on. Naturally, most people are curious as to the well-being of their family members. Below are a few cases we worked on and the outcomes to understand the benefit of why monitoring your family members can be beneficial.

Elderly Activity Checks

One of our clients was worried that their father was driving without the use of a driver’s license while in an aggressive stage of dementia. The client could not be with her father at all times and was not trusting of the team that was to be caring for him. We attended the first week and did not see anything out of the norm. The last week we did surveillance, we noted the caretaker leave the residence. The caretaker was gone for approximately 35 minutes before the subject exited the residence and entered the sedan parked in the garage. He departed the area and had several close call accidents and appeared to be lost. Our investigators contacted the client, and she was able to come to the scene and help her father return to his residence safely. Although she was unsure if surveillance was the best option, the caretaker who was supposed to be caring for the subject was still not at the residence several hours later. It appeared that on certain days she would stay with the subject all day and other days she would attend the gym and lunches with other ladies while leaving her patient alone and vulnerable.

Teenage Activity Checks

A very affluent client had called, and he and his wife were going on vacation and leaving their 17-year-old son home alone for the first time. They had left him with “babysitters” previously but were not able to have anyone stay with their son this time. He had been known to spend time with friends that did not appear to be suitable friends. Our investigators stayed with the teenage boy for just over a week. He was disruptive in their gated community, having security attend the residence multiple times for riding an illegal Go-Kart through the neighbourhood into the late hours and having parties. At one point, he departed the house and met with several males and purchased drugs from them in a publicly lit parking lot. The child was not concerned with his actions and very careless. The clients ended their trip early as they were worried things could escalate, or the child could harm himself or friends while abusing drugs or alcohol. Although the week was costly to the client, knowing what was happening in their home and knowing who his friends were was priceless.

Child Custody Activity Checks

We often work with lawyers and families regarding child custody cases. Even if you are not actively having any concerns with your ex, it’s best to have full knowledge of any situation. Having your ex followed to determine how they are while in the care of your children is paramount. Do you know if they are dating someone new? Is that person safe? Does that person spend the night? Do they have a criminal background? If so, skip tracing, investigative research including a background check, locate, and even character witness statements could be well worthwhile.  Have they ever been charged with assault or abuse of a minor? These are things you need to know about the people who spend time with your children. An activity check- surveillance for child custody can open your eyes to the activities happening around you. If you need a private investigator to follow your teenage daughter or teenage son, we can assist.

Cheating Spouse Activity Checks

Has your spouse cheated in the past and they say it’s over with? Do you believe the affair is truly over and done? Do you want to have answers to questions that no doubt make you feel sick to think about? Of course, we can assist and complete an activity check on your spouse to determine if they are in fact done with any relationships outside of the one you’re in with them. Infidelity and adultery investigations are very common in today’s day and age with 30%-60% of all relationships experiencing infidelity at some point in the marriage. Infidelity surveillance can greatly help you find the answers you need from a private eye.

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