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Tales From a PI: Getting Closure

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When something terrible happens, without explanation or reason, many people find it extremely challenging to move on. This is why getting closure is so beneficial. According to many physiologists, closure is the act of “letting go of what once was”.

The bottom line? Closure truly helps people to move forwards with their lives.

Private investigators deal with clients who already suspect someone is guilty of something. It might be that they are looking to prove an employee’s fraudulent activities or that their spouse isn’t faithful.

Regardless of the reason for hiring a private investigator or contacting a private investigation company, clients are really looking for one thing: closure. In fact, it’s one of the major things that the Smith Investigation Agency and our private investigators try to provide—when we can—to our clients.

Case of The Spouse & The Neighbor

We recently took on a case where our client was fairly certain that their spouse was engaging in extramarital activities with their next-door neighbor. The problem was, our client couldn’t prove their suspicions and so they contacted us for help.

To start, we had one of our investigators watch both houses. The first night, we caught no activity. Neither the spouse nor the neighbor was caught near each other. Our client was slightly disappointed, but we knew that sometimes it takes a few days to catch a cheater in the act.

Which is why the second night was much a different story.

We had our investigator watch the neighbor during the day and at one point, the neighbor got into their car. The neighbor was acting very peculiar, making all kinds of turns (lefts, rights and even U-turns). In fact, our investigator had to rely on a few of our other PI’s just to stay on the neighbor’s tail.

Finally, our investigators watched the neighbor pull into an abandoned industrial area. It was quite secluded—a dead-end, really. There wasn’t anyone else around.

Except for the client’s spouse’s vehicle.

Our investigators watched the neighbor pull their car into the abandoned lot. The neighbor proceeded to get out of their car and enter the client’s spouse’s vehicle. They left the industrial area together, only to return a few hours later.

During this time, our investigators did their due diligence. They kept our client updated and informed of the situation.

The Client’s Request

Unfortunately, in this case, our client was right. As you can imagine, having your worst suspicions confirmed left our client feeling quite heartbroken. So, when we told our client that their spouse and neighbor had returned, our client was eager for a confrontation.

Our client’s motivation was simple. They wanted closure. They wanted to confront their spouse to let them know that their actions were unacceptable. It was something that was very important to our client because they had suspected their spouse was cheating. Having their suspicions confirmed meant that they could finally move on.

Now, normally we don’t allow our clients to show up during an investigation. As you can imagine, it’s a tricky thing dealing with infidelity cases and the last thing we ever want to happen is to cause a scene or end up dealing with a violent situation.

However, in this case, we had several, well-trained private investigators present. In addition, the area was a good, private location. We felt that we could safely give our client the closure they needed.

The Confrontation

Our client arrived, and our investigators pulled their vehicles into the industrial area. The neighbor was still in the client’s spouse’s car. The client stalked over to their spouse’s vehicle, opened the car door, and literally caught their spouse, “in the act”.

The neighbor panicked and left the scene (which of course our investigators let them do without any trouble). Our client proceeded to give their spouse a piece of their mind—gaining the closure they needed. The client’s spouse was clearly very upset with us, but our agents stood their ground and our client supported them.

While this ended up being a pretty eventful night for our private investigators, our agency and the client was satisfied with the outcome of the case. While we weren’t happy to have found the spouse cheating, we were happy that we could provide our client with the evidence and the closure they needed to confront their spouse about their infidelity.

 Looking for a private investigator to help you find closure? Look no further! The Smith Investigation can help. Contact us by email: or by phone: (647) 479-8474.

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