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Tales From a PI: Invest in Services Before it’s too Late!

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Tales From a PI: Invest in Services Before it’s too Late!

Private Investigators deal with interesting cases on a daily basis. We offer Background Checks, Pre-Employment Screening, Surveillance and more to help companies of all sizes keep their operations running smoothly. The thing is, there are many businesses that don’t know about, or understand the benefits to using our services – until it’s too late.

Case #100-001

Please note that all names, dates, locations & other details have been altered to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.

A manufacturing company contacted us with a serious problem.

They had sold product to an agency after sending an employee to determine if the company was legitimate. Based on what that employee saw, the manufacturing company was excited to move forward with the deal and agreed to only take 10% upfront. Without any background checks, they sent nearly 11 million in product over to the agency.

When the manufacturing company attempted to send an invoice and collect payment, no one responded. The agency seemed to have vanished without a trace!

It’s Time to Investigate

We began our search by looking into the agency and were able to determine that they had rented a shared office space for $450.00 per month. They put a shiny nameplate on the door, rented fancy office equipment and even had a temp agency supply a receptionist.

Here’s where things get more interesting. The agency only hired that receptionist for a week.

Our next step was to set up an undercover buy on what we believed to be the missing product. From this we were able to discover the town it was located in. While this information narrowed our search, we still had to figure out exactly where to find the product.

We searched the area for large manufacturing buildings that were available, or had recently been rented. We also found a company who was willing to show us buildings for rent in the area. In short order, we ended up finding the product in a building that was being used for storage.

Can you guess which “company” had product in that building?

We began surveillance on the property immediately. Using nearly a half dozen Private Investigators and Security, we worked 24/7 to secure the product.

Lesson’s Learned

After we secured the product, it was safely returned to the manufacturing company. While they had taken a loss on a product that had already been sold, they were happy to have the majority of their stolen product returned.

When asked why they agreed to release so many products without taking a proper retainer, the manufacturing company told us that the decision was based on profit. They saw the amount of money they could make from the transaction and future operations and it clouded their judgment.

The entire investigation took weeks to conduct, and involved many employees, lawyers, and investigators. They had to take a near 4 million dollar loss on product that had already been sold, not to mention deal with the headache of shipping and logistics.

This manufacturing company had never used a Private Investigator before. They weren’t aware of the types of services that we provide – essential services like, Background Checks and Pre-Screening that save businesses more than just money and time.

Today, we regularly work with this manufacturing company. We assist them with all of their Pre-Employment Screening, Background Checks, and Surveillance. We also provide Undercover work within their factory to ensure workers do not abuse and distribute narcotics in the workplace and ensure there is no unsuitable behavior.

While this case was a tough and expensive lesson, this manufacturing company now benefits financially. They don’t need to worry about falling into the same trap again, all thanks to the services private investigators provide.

We provide services throughout Ontario with offices in Toronto, Ottawa & Sudbury!

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