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Tales from a PI: Workplace Investigations

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Do you remember what happened to a baseball fan last autumn at the Rogers Center in Toronto? He threw a beer down onto the field, interrupted the game and caused a great deal of upset. Within 24 hours, the story exploded all over the news and shortly after, the guilty party turned himself in to the local police station.

Weeks later, media outlets revealed that the fan had left his employer. While the employer would not disclose the reason for his departure, shortly after the incident they did announce that they were conducting an investigation.

In general, many employers hire a private investigator to help discover the truth about a particular employee or situation—like the one at the Rogers Centre. Here at The Smith Investigation Agency, we believe that an employee is a reflection of the employer. It is because of this belief that we specialize in handling workplace investigations.

The types of investigations we conduct include, all forms of criminal activity and conduct in addition to:

  • Employee Theft
  • Fraud
  • Excessive Absences
  • Vandalism
  • Drug Use in on the Job
  • . . . And more!

With such an extensive list, you would think we’ve seen it all. However, there are still times that we end up discovering more than we bargained for!

For example, on a recent case, we were hired to investigate a subject by the workplace. The subject had claimed that they weren’t able to work, which made the employer suspicious.

We conducted some surveillance and tracked the subject to learn more about their actions during typical work hours. What we discovered was that the subject was spending some of their time going to shopping centers, entering retail stores and stealing.

Now, this was a surprise discovery. The subject’s employer hadn’t hired us to investigate daily habits, but whether or not the employee was able to work. As private investigators, we documented our findings, and continued our surveillance.

As it turned out—on top of the thefts—this subject had also accepted a job, working for a competitor of the subject’s employer. The subject’s employee was relieved to receive our report regarding the subject’s unacceptable behaviour.

At the end of the day, we helped the employer identify the truth about an employee who really didn’t have the company’s best interest at heart. In the long run, the employer saw even more benefits from the investigation as it helped them to enhance their bottom line, as well as limit unnecessary risk and liability.

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