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Tales of a PI: When a Case Takes a Turn for the Worse

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Most people have a glamorous, exiting impression of private investigators. Movies and television shows make sleuthing appear like a dream job, where catching the bad guy involves cool explosions and funny one-liners.

The honest truth is, most private investigation cases require a lot of sitting around and waiting for something to happen. Private investigators need to do a lot of research and planning, sure, but once that stage is done, gathering evidence is often a tedious task.

Think about it. A private investigator has to sit in a vehicle, and stay there for hours at a time. If they leave, even for a moment, they might miss something important. It’s the moment something does happen that gives every licensed private investigator the boost they need to stay on the case.

What also gives a private investigator in Toronto a boost is the feeling that they’ve helped someone solve a problem. Modern private investigators in Barrie or, Ottawa and Canada work more ethically compared to private investigators from the past.

When Cases Get . . . Interesting

The Smith Investigation Agency has been around for a while. In fact, over the past ten years, we’ve had to deal with so many different types of cases—some good, some bad. While most of these cases are cut and dry, we have to admit that there are a few that have taken us by surprise.

It is in thanks to these types of cases that our company is adamant about the type of private investigator we hire. It is important to use that our all of our investigators have their license, are well trained and can handle anything that gets thrown their way. Especially using age appropriate and gender specific investigators for certain cases. Not all cases can use a young female private investigator and not all cases will have success with a retired police private investigator.

As you can imagine, when or if a private investigation company, or even client, hires an private investigator agency that just doesn’t have the experience, things can go very wrong in the field. Situations that take a turn for the worse can end up spiraling out of control, and people can get really hurt.

So, what’s an example where one of our cases took a turn for the worse? And what happened to our investigation? How did our private investigators handle the situation?

What Happened?

Recently, a few of our private investigators handled a case where we were tracking an individual suspected of fraud. This individual was claiming insurance through their employer, who suspected that they were lying about the extent of their injuries.

Our private investigators did their due diligence, they set up the appropriate surveillance outside of the suspects house. When the suspect left, our private investigators followed them straight to a hotel.

It turned out that the suspect was having an affair. Which our private investigators recorded, but here’s where things took a turn for the worse. The suspect’s spouse turned up and the situation rapidly turned into a domestic.

How Did We Handle the Situation?

Our agents immediately called the police. While private investigators can’t make any arrests, they sure can bring in reinforcements when needed. Luckily, help arrived before anyone was seriously injured.

This is what our private investigators are trained to do. In any domestic abuse situation, getting involved would only put our staff at risk of injury themselves. Therefore, they followed protocol, reported it, and ended up helping the suspect.

Why Hiring a Private Investigator is Important

It’s clear that without the help from our investigators, this situation could have escalated to the point where one of the individuals got seriously hurt. This is why it’s so important to involve private investigators, instead of trying to solve the case on your own.

Even if you think you have the skills, unless you have a license, you should really leave any detective work to a professional. Well-trained private investigators know how to use different techniques to avoid getting caught doing things like surveillance, for example. You never know if or when the suspect might catch on, and because you aren’t properly trained, the situation could turn deadly in an instant.

This is a situation we want to avoid. We never want to see anyone get hurt, especially those who could have simply hired a private investigator. And we get it. Sometimes the cost of hiring a private investigator might seem worth the risk. However, it’s a greater risk when it’s your personal safety and well-being in question. So, if you really want to solve a problem, whether it is fraud, infidelity, or even to find your missing father, take the time to invest local private investigators. The cost often isn’t as high as you think. Especially when it comes to your life.

Do you need a little help in your life? Have a situation that you just don’t know how to approach on your own? The Smith Investigation Agency can help. We provide private investigation services in Toronto, the GTA, Ottawa, Ontario and Canada. Contact us today for more information: or 647-479-8474.

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