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The Best Private Investigators in Toronto!

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The Smith Investigation Agency’s Private Investigators have unmatched experience

The Best Private Investigators in Toronto!

Now we understand that’s a bold statement. The Best Private Investigators in Toronto? We can admit that confidently having worked with many companies in Ontario.

The Smith Investigation Agency has the Highest Quality HD-4K video results.  Private Investigative Companies in Toronto.

Our Private Investigators are meticulously picked to be a part of our team and are very Quality Driven individuals. We think different!

Some of the services we offer:

Surveillance-Urban & Rural

This may sound like the “Norm” when thinking about surveillance, but some companies do not have the experience or the knowledge of how to work files of all kinds. A good Private Investigator must be able to work not only in downtown settings like TorontoOttawa but able to work in the middle of nowhere like in Sudbury or Northern Ontario.

Background Checks:

Background Checks are critical as it gives peace of mind and clear answers to unknown questions. Are you dating someone online who claims they “Love” you and wants to marry you then asks for some money and since you care for them you send them money then they disappear? We can help locate the person and determine if they have been involved in Fraud before.

Locates- Skip Tracing:

If you are a landlord and have a tenant that does not pay their rent and suddenly move out of your home owing thousands of dollars. Don’t worry we will Locate the individual so you can serve them.

Private Investigator Training:

As we boldly consider ourselves the best in the Private Investigation company in Toronto naturally we would want to help train new Investigators to be the best also. This industry for far too long has been an “old boys” network lacking quality Investigators. And integrity. We are changing the standard of the industry and diligently working to make the industry better. Starting with the newest Investigators.

Pre-Employment Screening:

If you own a company what does it cost you to hire and train that new employee? Statistically in Canada this cost is between $2,200 & $10,000. If you hire someone without verifying who they are and completing a background check, you could lose not only valuable time in training that person, loss of money, and potentially a lawsuit if you have to fire that person. To save yourself the time and money your organization can contact us and we will complete a full Background Check, & Pre-Employment Screening to confirm who are hiring and who will be representing your company.

Workplace Injury- WSIB:

We see this sector growing on a daily basis. The amount of allegedly fraudulent claims is increasing every year according to the Better Business Bureau’s annual fraud report. Our team has completed over 1,200 related injury claims and every year work on hundreds more.

There are so many Private Investigator Companies in Ontario but not all can function in each sector, and not all can provide you with superior HD-4K results and from our experience and Investigations less than 5% of the Private Investigation industry is currently compliant with the law regarding PIPEDA & Evidence Act. Yes, that means the company you have been working with has potentially placed you directly in harms way for a massive lawsuit and an immediate loss in all cases that go to court or mediation. As the evidence would have been mishandled and they place you, your company and your clients at risk for identity theft by not having a secure system and following the law regarding data.

As you can see, we are The Best Private Investigation Company in Toronto as we do not only have superior quality results, but we have an unmatched experience.

We would like to work with you and your company and protect you and your business. If you would like to have the peace of mind working with an Investigative group, then we are the pragmatic choice.

We also offer AIR MILES

We look forward to working with you!

– Whitney Joy Smith President
The Smith Investigation Agency

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