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The Business Benefits of Background Checks

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For most individuals interviewing for a new job, all that’s required is a resume and a few references. There are some businesses however, where a little more information about you is required before they will even consider hiring you.

If you’ve ever been told that a pre-requisite for the job is a successful background check, chances are a private investigator has done the work on behalf of the employer. But what exactly is a background check? Why do businesses ask for one? And what are its benefits?  


What’s a Background Check?

Generally speaking, a background check, or a pre-background check is conducted by a business before an employee is hired to fill a role.

Background checks look into different aspects of an individual’s history, or background, in order to determine if they have a criminal record (or any other pertinent information). It’s similar to a reference check in that it determines whether or not the employee is suitable for the role. Of course the major difference with a background check is that it dives much deeper into the candidate’s past.

Now, not all businesses request a background check when hiring an employee. There are many that simply require a few references. Some will even do a simple Google search or look someone up on Facebook. In some situations, businesses will require the employee to sign a non-disclosure act or confidentiality agreement, which protects the business from individuals who might want to pass along information they shouldn’t. This is a very common type of ask for individuals looking to work for a software company, for example.  


When to Request a Background Check

When it comes to other industries or even when hiring for a role like Vice President or Chief Revenue Officer, conducting a background check is just good business sense.

For example, if your business is looking to hire a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), this means that the employee is going to have their hands in the company’s earnings. Without a background check, you have no way of knowing if the individual has committed fraud or stolen funds from their previous company. As you can imagine, hiring someone with a history of company theft, as your CRO is a bad idea. It’s something you really want to know before the ink dries on their contract!

Another example of when you might want to request a background check is if you are hiring someone to work with children. These industries include, schools, daycares, babysitting organizations, and more. The safety and wellbeing of all children should be at the forefront of your company’s mind. In this example, requesting a background check of potential employees will prevent anyone who shouldn’t be working with children from working with children.


The Best Way to Conduct a Background Check

As you can imagine, there are several different ways to conduct a background check. While all of them are perfectly acceptable, some more than others, could get you into a lot of trouble.

If you decide to conduct the background check yourself (and you don’t know what you’re doing), there is a good chance you will end up with the wrong information. If you decide to let your Human Resources department handle the background check, they also could give you the wrong information, or even hire the wrong individual to conduct the background check.

So, to avoid and missteps or mistakes, the best thing to do is to hire a private investigator or private investigation firm to handle all of your background check requirements.


Hire a Private Investigator

The truth is, many businesses don’t know where to start with background checks. If not done properly, it is quite possible that the business will hire the wrong person. This is why many businesses across Canada and North America will turn to a private investigator or private investigation firm for help.

Private investigators conduct background checks as part of the services they provide to their clients. While many people think that private investigators tend to handle only infidelity cases, this just isn’t true. Many businesses hire a private investigation firm they trust to handle the background checks that they require, in addition to many other services.


What to Look for in a Private Investigator

We know. It’s sometimes difficult to shake the stereotypical view of a private investigator. Historically, the industry hasn’t had the reputation that it does today and sometimes that’s hard to come to terms with. To be honest, there are still some private investigators that are stuck in the past, or just don’t do a good job.

The good new is, there are plenty of ways your business can benefit from hiring a private investigator, you just need to know what to look out for during the hiring process. In Ontario (which includes Toronto and the GTA, Ottawa, and more), a private investigator must obtain a license if they are to gain employment with a firm or even open their own company. Before you hire any private investigator or agency, be sure to check for this important piece of documentation.

To help you figure out if the private investigator will conduct the right kind of background check, you can also ask them about the type of services they provide as well as the tools and techniques they use.

Private investigators that know what they are doing will talk to you about the latest in technology, the types of reports they will provide and other pertinent details. They will also charge a reasonable amount for their services. If a private investigator is very vague about their process and techniques, avoids giving you the details or the rates they give you seem awfully low or too good to be true, watch out! You likely will not get the type of background check you are looking for.


Benefits to Your Business

As mentioned, conducting a background check on potential employees will save your business valuable time and money. You won’t end up hiring someone who only plans to steal from company accounts, customers or even other employees. You will also avoid bringing anyone who might be dangerous to your business or clientele into your company.

While private investigators charge for their services, the value you will receive from those services will benefit your company for years to come. After all, hiring the wrong person costs two to three times more than hiring the right person. So, in addition to keeping your business safe and secure, you will also save money from investing in your background checks.

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