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Now Operating in Alberta: The Smith Investigation Agency!

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The Smith Investigation Agency is proud to announce that we now offer private investigation services in Alberta. We are so pleased to have the opportunity to expand across the country! Not only that, but we’re also excited to spread our belief in exceeding our client’s expectations. We are proud to offer quality investigation services that are unmatched anywhere else in the industry. Our goal is to answer the unknown. Now, we can do just that for businesses, companies and communities throughout the province.

About The Smith Investigation Agency

Whitney Joy Smith founded the Smith Investigation Agency in 2014. Having worked as a private investigator for over a decade prior, Smith set out to create an agency that adhered to rules and guidelines set out by the Canadian government. In general, Smith wanted to raise the bar and set new standards in the private investigation industry. More importantly, she wanted to prevent clients from working with bad private investigators. In other words: people who don’t care about the methods they use, the lack of evidence they find, or the answers they provide.

Today, the Smith Investigation Agency uses advanced equipment to provide clients with the best possible results. The agency’s private investigation team is made up of the best investigators in the business. From security to police work, our investigators have done it all!

Over the years, the Smith Investigation Agency has won many awards. Our private investigation services have helped us to win the Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence, in 2017 and again in 2018. In addition, the agency has won the Global Excellence Award as the Most Trusted Private Instigation Services Provider in Ottawa. The Smith Investigation Agency has also won the International AI Influential Business Woman Award for the Best Woman Owned Private Investigative Agency in East.

Overall, the Smith Investigation Agency is proud to exceed a client’s expectations—not budget—while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and discretion.

Private Investigation Services

In Calgary and Edmonton Alberta, the Smith Investigation Agency offers a wide range of private investigation services. Each service is tailored to our client’s needs and budget to help provide the best possible results. Our private eyes all have a valid private investigation license. They have also gone through rigorous training. The private investigators we hire also know how to work within the law in Alberta. They will never provide a report with illegally obtained information.

In general, our private investigators provide a wide range of services including,

  • Surveillance
  • Research
  • Locates
  • Skip Tracing
  • Interviews
  • TSCM

In Alberta, some of our most frequently provided services can include,

Social Media Monitoring Calgary

These days, it seems like the average person can’t stay off social media for more than a day or two. When it comes to private investigation, it means that there is a lot of information or data just waiting to be collected.

The Smith Investigation Agency provides social media monitoring to help their clients better analyze trends, social signals and data points. Our clients can then use this information in court to help support their case. For example, let’s say that several classmates constantly bully a fellow a senior in high school. One of our private investigators can use social media monitoring to gather evidence. Once gathered, the private investigator will present the information to the client. The client can then use the information in court to help support the high school senior’s case.

Skip Tracing Calgary

In Alberta, skip tracing is a type of private investigation service. Skip tracing requires a private investigator to find a person who leaves town or goes missing. A private investigator often receives a request for this type of service when an individual owes money or product to a company or another person. That individual often doesn’t have the money, or just doesn’t want to pay for the product or services. Therefore, they leave town. Unfortunately, this can leave a company or another person in a lot of trouble. Without re-payment or payment, a company or person can struggle to pay their bills, or even face bankruptcy.

It is for this reason that so many people and companies turn to The Smith Investigation Agency for help. Our team holds a 98% success rate for skip tracing or skip searching. Whether you need a background check, full locate or skip search, our team will have results within only a few business days.

Investigative Research Calgary

Do you know what your employees are really up to while they’re at work? The moment you hire a new employee, he or she starts to represent your brand and your business. If an employee participates in illegal activity, at the end of the day, it’s your company’s reputation that will suffer.

In Alberta, private investigators from the Smith Investigation Agency can work with any company to monitor employee behavior. Private investigators can also handle any employee situation that might impact your business including,

  • Harassment
  • Abuse
  • Workplace injury
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

Locates Edmonton

Do you have a long lost family member? Maybe you want to find your birth parents. Whatever the reason, when it comes to locates in Alberta, our agency brings decades of experience to the table. The Smith Investigation Agency has helped so many families find a missing relative. Our private investigators have also helped people to locate their birth parents. The best part is, we provide fast turnaround service so that our clients get the facts they need without delay.

The Future of Private Investigation in Alberta

The need for private investigation services like the ones we provide in Alberta are on the rise. With the growing need for privacy and security, more and more people turn to private investigators like ours to find answers to difficult questions.

Our team takes pride in using legal and modern methods to track down the facts. The ultimate goal of our agency is to present our findings with honesty and integrity. Overall, we want to help our clients—big or small—to find the peace of mind they deserve, within a short period of time, and without going over budget.

Need more information about our private investigation services in Calgary, or Edmonton Alberta? Contact us today! or 1-888-950-4113



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