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The Ultimate Boss Lady: Why Working with a Female PI Gets Results 

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Historically, the private investigation industry has predominantly been made up of men. The interesting thing about this little factoid is that this is gradually changing. More and more women have entered the world of private investigation because it gives them the opportunity to be the ultimate boss lady. Why? Well, when it comes to PI work, women tend to have the advantage. Whether she is treated stereotypically or not, a woman who knows which skills to employ to get results makes for a killer PI.

Keep reading to find out why working with a female PI will get you results!

A Friendly Face

Imagine you’re at work and a big burly man enters your store. This man approaches the cash and starts asking questions. His tone is gruff, and he makes you feel like you’re under a microscope. What this actually does is prevent you from answering his questions honestly. It also prevents you from wanting to help him. So, while you maintain a level of politeness, you also don’t want to keep talking and so you end the conversation.

Unfortunately, a lot of men don’t realize how imposing they can be to other people. When someone feels threatened or intimidated, it doesn’t put him or her at ease. The best way to get information from someone is to tap into social skills that make people want to help and provide answers.

Fortunately for women, approaching strangers typically go a lot more smoothly. One of the reasons for this is often because women are underestimated. If a woman asks for help, the person answering questions won’t really question why she needs the answer. The person just wants to help out a friendly face. This, of course, all depends on personality and disposition. Of course, if a woman PI entered the store with a bad attitude and snarky tone, no one is going to want to answer her questions.

This is why good private investigation training is very important for a woman on her way to becoming a boss lady. Attending a private investigation training course to learn which skills to use, and when to use them to the advantage, will typically create an excellent private investigator.

Be Your Own Boss Lady

PI work gives women the opportunity to be the ultimate boss lady. How? The answer is simple! Private investigative work is both something that you can do on your own or as a part of an agency. If a boss lady is just starting out as a PI, she can take a job with an agency to gather experience. Working for another agency allows a female PI to practice her private investigation skills.

Once a lady PI gathers some experience, it’s easy to transition from an agency to becoming the ultimate boss lady. When a female PI strikes out on her own and takes on her own cases, she can create her own schedule and work hours. Taking on clients and cases is all on the female PI’s shoulders. What this means is she can take on the ones that matter most, the ones that she knows she can provide some help and peace of mind!

Women private investigators often receive more challenges than male PI’s. Many people don’t believe that a female PI can do the job or get results. Part of being a boss lady requires a female private investigator to work harder, and smarter. What this means for you is that you will get accurate results, faster and in less time.

Better Listeners

Stereotype or not, women tend to be better listeners than men—which is very important when it comes to being a PI (or a lady boss). The most important element to the job is to understand exactly what it is a client wants. In addition, a lot of private investigation work requires sympathy. This is something most women excel in providing naturally.

The best examples of the Smith Investigation Agency can provide often include more emotionally challenging cases. Cheating spouse, divorce, and child custody cases tend to require a careful approach and it is in our experience that women private investigators handle these cases with more patience and understanding.

In fact, in some cases, a female PI can get a criminal to confess without much effort. Since women are great listeners, it often doesn’t take much to convince someone to spill their guts. With a little prompting and surveillance work, a female PI can approach individuals and strike up a conversation. If she has figured out how to take advantage of her friendly face and inconspicuous nature, it can really help to solve a case.

Organization and Multi-Tasking

Boss ladies need to stay organized. A boss lady also needs to be good at multi-tasking. The good news is, women excel in both, and can use it to their advantage as a PI. One of the reasons why women excel in both organization and multi-tasking is in part thanks to the many different roles they need to play at home. Women with children and family life need to take care of many different tasks when at home or at the office.

Private investigators need to be really organized. The reason for this is because she will receive many different cases from many different clients. Confusing clients and cases definitely do not get you the results you need. Private investigators also need to multi-task, to listen to their clients, absorb the information and quickly react or produce a plan. Again, female PI’s tend to manage all of these tasks efficiently and effectively.

Pick the Best PI for the Job

Ultimately, a PI can help you with services including,

  • Background checks
  • Locates
  • Skip Traces
  • TSCM
  • Surveillance

Private investigators come in all forms, both male and female. However, you will need to work closely with a private investigator as they work on your case. The most important thing you need to evaluate is how well you get along with your private investigator. Do you want someone who is friendly, but also gets the job done? Do you want someone who is a great listener, someone who can lend you support when you need it the most? If you’ve said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you might want to consider working with a female PI. Female PI’s make the ultimate boss ladies, which in turn gives you great results.

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