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Top 3 Uses for Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures

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In today’s high-tech digital age, the threat of surveillance is more real and probable than ever. Whether it’s at home or in the office, surveillance equipment can easily be planted by employees, contracted IT repair professionals, and other individuals for a multitude of malicious reasons. These can track your location and record private and sensitive data which could compromise the safety and welfare of your entire company, including your clients. Thankfully, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures or TSCM for short, were designed for this reason. To learn more about this, here are the top 3 uses for TSCM and how it can help protect you and your business.

What Exactly is TSCM?

Since surveillance equipment is becoming increasingly efficient and compact, these devices can be planted almost anywhere without being detected. The only way to pinpoint and dispose of them is by having a TSCM performed. Here are the top reasons why it’s used today:

To Sweep for Listening Devices

One of the main Technical Surveillance Counter Measures involves a professional, thorough sweep of a home, facility or even your vehicle. Professionals will use a special device or a portable x-ray scanner to see if there is any surveillance technology within walls. They’ll also search extensively in hidden places, like vents and hard-to-reach places. They may also sweep rooms for radio frequencies.

To Secure Communications

Aside from physical security, countermeasures also entail the process of securing communication devices, such as landline phones, mobile phones, and fax machines. Specialized devices like a time-domain reflectometer are commonly employed to detect any tapped phone lines.

To Secure Information Technology

IT can be complex and confusing for the average person who does not specialize in this field, which makes people and businesses often more vulnerable to hacking, eavesdropping and more. To safeguard IT departments and devices, this can include sweeping for eavesdropping applications, implementing virus scanning, as well as hardware and software firewalls to secure any sensitive data.

We live in a digital age where our privacy and sensitive information are constantly under threat. If you suspect that your location, vehicle, computer or communication devices may be tapped, give us a call at The Smith Investigation Agency. Our team is comprised of trained, vetted and experienced professionals who can perform a sweep and inspect your entire location to ensure it’s free from surveillance. Contact us today to learn more.

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