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Top 5 Private Investigator Websites in 2020

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Whether you’re a consumer looking to find answers to your questions, or if you’re a PI looking for more tips to utilize and implement when conducting an investigation, these top 5 private investigator websites in 2020 can be a helpful resource to you.

Canadian Private Investigator Resource Center

Not sure which PI is best suited for your specific case? The CPIRC maintains a large list of all the private investigation agencies and all of the specialized services that they offer. The CPIRC also offers membership opportunities to PIs who are looking to sharpen their skills. For one low fee, you’ll get access to Canada’s largest open-source intelligence resource centre, a private chat group, referral service, and a number of other member-only resources.

Diligentia Group

Are you looking for US-specific information? This New York based Private Investigator firm has one of the highest-rated PI blogs in America. If you have questions about American-based investigations, they have all the answers. Their blog is one of the most informative in the industry, offering tips on finding the information you need, guides to searching court records and what private investigators can legally do in the US. 

EJM Investigations Blog

Sometimes you need more than just answers – you need advice too. For helpful tips and information, look no further than EJM Investigations based in the UK. Their firm covers a range of topics that are useful for people of all backgrounds and countries too, such as how to find a good employee, what happens during a cohabitation investigation, and the importance of closure.

P.I. Advice

If you’ve just started your career as a PI or are curious about what it’s like to work as one, this blog offers a glimpse into the real-life work of private investigators. Beyond detailed stories, there’s also a number of podcasts and videos highlighting tips and useful information for both veteran and newbie agents. 

Pursuit Magazine

Did you know that private investigators have their very own magazine? Pursuit Magazine offers an online platform for sharing intelligent information and ideas. Laid out like a blog, there’s plenty of content for both experienced PIs and spy-curious people to sift through.  Just use the drop-down menu to view a range of topics and categories to learn more about the business side of things, the life of a PI, and intelligence information for the general public.  

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