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Top Private Investigator Resources & Websites for 2024

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Top Private Investigator Resources & Websites for 2024

Whether you’re a professional private investigator seeking to hone your skills or a curious individual needing answers, finding reliable PI resources is crucial. Here, we present the top 5 private investigator websites of 2024, serving as invaluable tools for both consumers and professionals.

Canadian Private Investigator Resource Center:

Overview of CPIRC Services

Hire a Private Investigator: Looking for the perfect private investigator for your unique case? Whether you need surveillance, infidelity investigations, fraud examination, undercover operations, electronic countermeasures, or background checks, our global network provides access to licensed, seasoned private investigators across several countries and continents.

Find an Investigator

In Canada: Locate a professional investigator within Canada.

In the USA: Access our network of investigators in the United States.

International: Find investigators globally to address your needs no matter the location.

Exclusive Resource Center

The Private Investigators Resource Center (CPIRC): Home to the largest collection of Canadian open-source intelligence (OSINT), CPIRC serves as an essential portal for members. Offering an extensive directory of private investigation agencies and their specialized services, it continuously updates to save both time and research costs. For a nominal fee, members also gain access to exclusive resources and a private chat group for peer support and referrals.

Membership Information:

Login: Existing members can log in to access resources.

Join Today: Encourage new users to become members to gain access to Canada’s most extensive open-source intelligence resource center.


Background and Mission: Since 1999, has been the leading referral service in Canada for private investigation, connecting clients with the ideal agency based on service needs and location. We maintain the most extensive Canadian OSINT, which is continually updated, saving hours of research time and, in turn, saving clients’ hours of research costs.


Allen W. Dulles’s quote: “More than 80 percent of intelligence is obtained from open sources.” This highlights the importance of OSINT in intelligence work and emphasizes CPIRC’s commitment to providing comprehensive investigative resources.

Additional Resources

Free Security Tools: Check out our list of free security tools, publications, downloads, and tips provided by CPIRC to help both members and the general public secure their operations.

Diligentia Group

If you need insights into American private investigations, Diligentia Group, based in New York, is your go-to. Known as one of the highest-rated PI blogs in America, they provide invaluable guidance on navigating court records, understanding legal complexities, and uncovering crucial information across the United States.

EJM Investigations Blog

From hiring the right employees to handling cohabitation investigations, the UK-based EJM Investigations offers expert advice beneficial worldwide. Their blog covers a wide array of topics and provides the guidance you need to make informed decisions.

P.I. Advice

Ideal for both seasoned private investigators and those just starting their careers, P.I. Advice delves into the real-life challenges and stories of private investigators. The site features podcasts and videos packed with practical information, tips, and tricks that cater to industry veterans and novices alike.

Pursuit Magazine: A Hub for Professional Investigators and the Intellectually Curious

Pursuit Magazine stands out as an online community where professional sleuths, journalists, and truth-seekers converge to share cutting-edge ideas, business models, and investigative techniques. It blends modern technology with traditional detective skills, offering insights and lessons learned from the field.

For those new to the world of private investigation or simply fascinated by it, Pursuit acts as a gateway to a realm filled with mystery and intrigue. It provides a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of real spies and private investigators, making it an invaluable resource for anyone driven by curiosity.

Pursuit is dedicated to delivering strategies, tactics, methods, and sources that prioritize factual accuracy in storytelling. With a strong emphasis on facts over fiction, information over gossip, and data over hearsay, it is a prime resource for those who value the integrity of information.

Eli Rosenblatt, a prominent writer for Pursuit, encapsulates the ethos of the magazine: “We don’t have an allegiance to a particular party. We have an allegiance to the facts.” This commitment to unbiased and reliable information makes Pursuit a trusted platform for both industry professionals and the public.

In summary, Pursuit is more than just a magazine; it’s a comprehensive resource for those seeking the truth in an often ambiguous world. Whether you’re a seasoned investigator or merely spy-curious, Pursuit offers the tools and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of factual investigation.

Enhance Your Investigative Skills with Top Resources

These websites are more than just informational hubs; they are gateways to enhancing your investigative skills and expanding your professional network. Each site has been selected based on its comprehensive offerings and its ability to adapt to changes in the field of private investigation. Dive deeper into each resource to discover tools, insights, and communities that will support your growth as an investigator.

Connect and Learn More

If you’re interested in exploring these resources further or need personalized advice on selecting the right tools for your investigative needs, don’t hesitate to reach out. Engage with the community, share your experiences, and continue to build your investigative prowess with these top-tier resources.


As the world of private investigation evolves, so do the resources that support this challenging profession. These top 5 websites of 2024 provide not only foundational knowledge but also innovative strategies and a supportive community for both aspiring and veteran investigators. Whether you’re based in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa or Calgary, these resources are essential for staying ahead in the field. If you are looking to hire a private investigator call our office today for a free consultation. The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. is a nationally known and nationally trusted investigative agency with a team of professionals ready to assist in your investigative needs. 

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Throughout her career, Whitney has garnered numerous industry awards and accolades. She takes great pride in working closely with her continually expanding agency, striving to elevate industry standards, maintain compliance, and effectively meet the diverse investigative needs of clients.

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Whitney's wealth of experience is not limited to her professional achievements; her thought-provoking articles have been featured in publications ranging from Readers Digest, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, and Mens Health to Business News Daily. She constantly seeks to redefine standards and push the boundaries of excellence within the private investigative and security fields.

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