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Toronto Skip Tracing: Locate that Long Lost Family Member

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One look at Missing People Canada will reveal just how many people go missing every day across the country. Toronto alone has a list about one hundred names long, and that’s just the people the site is aware of. The truth is many people leave the city of Toronto and their families—without so much as a word or warning—every day.

While some people get caught up in the wrong crowd, many simply have a falling out with family or a loved one. In some cases, a parent gives a child up for adoption and moves to a different town. In other cases, the individual feels that they’re better off on their own. Regardless of the circumstances, anyone looking for a long-lost family member should consider hiring a private investigator to help with a Toronto skip tracing case.

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is a term used to describe a case where an individual or individuals have gone missing. He or she has “skipped” or left town. The most classic examples of skip tracing involve an individual who stole something from their place of employment, friends or even family. However, the term is also used when searching for long-lost family members.

Skip Tracing Case Examples

Skip tracing isn’t just for finding long-lost family members. A private investigator can take on a skip tracing case for many different reasons. Some of these reasons include:

Skip Tracing Bail

When arrested, some have the option to post bail. This is an amount that allows the individual to be released. However, the individual must appear in court at a specified date. This is the condition of posting bail.

If the individual misses their court date because they’ve skipped town, this is a crime. In some states, it even counts as a felony. It is possible to hire a private investigator to track down the individual and bring them to court. Alternatively, in this situation, it is also possible to hire a bail enforcement agent or bounty hunter.

Skip Tracing Repossession

Repossession occurs when an individual can’t pay for a specific item. The company the individual owes money to will eventually take back whatever it was he or she purchased. For example, in Toronto, if an individual purchases a condo by taking out a mortgage or loan from a bank, he or she is expected to pay it off every month. If the individual does not pay back the money owed, eventually the bank can repossess the condo.

When it comes to Toronto skip tracing, the individual will disappear with the item, but without paying for the item. So, in this case, the individual might skip town with a recently purchased car, with no intention of paying the dealership. In this situation, a private investigator will need to track the individual down to try and get the car back.

Skip Tracing Debt Collection

Many people in Toronto have and use credit cards on a regular basis. While most pay their bills on time, a select few will leave town with their bills unpaid. This debt doesn’t just go away. Credit card companies want their money and often, when these individuals leave town, will turn to private investigators to help track them down.

Toronto Skip Tracing: Start Now, Not Later

If one of your family members disappears without a trace, you really should look for them sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, the world can be a cruel and unfriendly place. You never know what could happen to your loved one should you let too much time pass.

It’s also a good idea to try and find your family member today for this simple reason: the longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to find him or her. It is much easier to find someone who has skipped town before they have a chance to get too far. If you wait years, you give the person a chance to really disappear.

That being said, it’s still possible to find your missing loved one. Hiring a private investigator to help you with your Toronto skip tracing case is one of the best ways to solve the case.

Private Investigation: Toronto Skip Tracing

When attempting to locate a missing family member, people often turn to a private investigator. A Toronto based private investigator will know all the ins and outs when it comes to finding a missing relative.

The problem is private investigators tend to have a bad reputation. People often think that private investigators are lazy and will charge a lot of money for doing practically no work. This just isn’t true—at least not for the Smith Investigation Agency. Our Toronto-based private investigators work really hard to make sure they leave no stone unturned when it comes to a skip trace case.

Without a private investigator on your side, you will run into roadblocks. Finding a missing person isn’t easy and it’s often difficult to dedicate all your time and resources to finding him or her. This is why finding a good, licensed private investigator will help. These highly trained individuals know exactly where to look to find your missing loved one fast.

Private Investigator Skip Tracing Techniques

A licensed private investigator will do his or her best to find your missing family member. They know where to look and have the right skills to put you back in touch with your loved one.

A private investigator will help you in your Toronto skip tracing case by starting with some of the following searches:

  • Telephone directories
  • Social Media
  • Internet search engines
  • Alumni/Reunion websites
  • Traffic violation records
  • Divorce records
  • Criminal records
  • Housing records


During a Toronto skip tracing case, a private investigator will often need to talk to people who might know where to locate your missing family member. In some cases, it’s not a bad idea to use a private investigator in case the family member does not want you to find them. A private investigator is an unknown person. Therefore, they can get more information and even find the family member without him or her catching on.


To make sure that they’ve found the right person, a private investigator will often set up surveillance. This might mean that the private investigator will park their car close to where the family member now lives. The private investigator will then observe him or her as they go about their daily business. The private investigator will then provide this information to you.

It’s important to note that if there’s any chance that the family member is involved in some kind of illegal activity it is critical to call the police. For example, if you believe someone has kidnapped your loved one, or that they might be involved in a robbery, you must alert the proper authorities.

Are you searching for a missing loved one? Do you have questions regarding Toronto skip tracing services? Contact the Smith Investigation Agency today for more information.

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