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Want to Locate Your Birth Parents Fast? Contact a Private Investigator.

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Private investigators and private investigation agencies often get approached with requests for help in locating birth parents. The reasons for wanting to find birth parents vary from person to person. However, some of the most common reasons why someone wants to find their birth parents include,

Medical History: When a person is given up for adoption, it is difficult to know what medical issues might pop up during his or her life. Finding birth parents can help the individual better understand their own medical history.

Just want to know birth parent identities: Many adopted people just want to know where they came from. Some birth parents do not want their child to contact them. In these cases, a private investigator can often find the identities birth parents, but the adopted child should not try to reach out.

Identify other relatives: In addition to birth parents, the adopted individual might want to know more about their extended family. For example if they have any aunts or uncles, or even grandparents.

Possible reunion(s): In some cases the birth parents will be okay with letting their child find them again in the future.

Locating a birth parent is no easy task. In some cases, the birth parent does not want you to find him or her. In other cases, you just might not be ready to learn the truth. Either way, hiring a licensed private investigator is your best shot at locating your birth parents quickly and without spending your life savings.

Adoption: Reasons & Statistics

Giving up a child for adoption is never an easy decision. Sometimes the birth parent believes that giving up his or her child is the best way to ensure that they get a better life. In other, more unfortunate circumstances, the parent is, for whatever reason, unfit to take care of their child. In North America, some of the most common reasons parents put their child up for adoption include,

  • No support or access to resources
  • Single parenting
  • Religious and moral reasons
  • Birth mother’s age

According to ABBA Canada about 20 million children around the world are up for adoption. In Canada alone, people adopt approximately 2,000 children every year. However, most of these adoptions are international, despite the fact that the country has over 30,000 children up for adoption at any given time.

Due to these statistics, it’s no wonder that so many adopted children eventually wish to seek out their birth parents.

How Will a Private Investigator Help Find my Birth Parents?

In Canada, a private investigator is a licensed individual that is trained in various techniques. These techniques help a private investigator to solve cases. Examples of some of the techniques a private investigator will need to use during an investigation include,

  • Surveillance
  • Interviews
  • Background checks
  • Research
  • Skip tracing

All of the techniques mentioned above make a private investigator an excellent resource to have at your side. When it comes to searching for your birth parents, a private investigator will use these techniques to come up with the answers you need.

This is especially true in situations where a parent does not want to be found. You can try to search for your birth parent on your own, except you aren’t as familiar with what it takes. You might end up searching for years instead of months. If you’re not careful, your birth parent might find out you’re searching for them. They might pick up and move to another city or town. This means that your search will need to continue—you might never find them on your own.

Locate Cases & Adoption

A locate is how a private investigator classifies finding birth parents for a client. These types of cases require a mix of private investigator skills. The type of skills a private investigator uses depends on the case.

For example, if all the information you have on your birth parents is a previous address, a private investigator can conduct interviews and database searches to find a more updated residence. When a private investigator finds birth parents, they might also conduct surveillance. This involves a private investigator typically parking a car near or outside the birth parent’s residence. They will then keep an eye out to confirm that they have found the right person.

What Information Will You Need?

To give a private investigator a place to start their search, you need to give them everything that you know about your birth parents. Information can include,

  • Approximate age of your birth parents
  • Name(s) of your birth parents or relatives
  • Adoption papers
  • Any other available documentation

Before taking on your case, a good private investigator will ask you many questions. The purpose of these questions is to assess whether or not she or he believes they can help you find your birth parents. So, be prepared to answer questions including,

  • What do you know about your birth parents?
  • Will the information we find be used in court?
  • What is your budget?
  • What information have you already found on your own?

Find Your Birth Parents Fast

If you or someone you know is searching for their birth parents, its true that you can try to search yourself. As mentioned you might find yourself faced with several roadblocks including the fact that you just don’t have access to the right information.

A good private investigator will help to speed up the locate process. In situations where you might get stuck, they will know how to push forward. They’ve received training and know that the majority of their job is to approach the problem from every possible angle. This is particularly true for birth parent locate cases that seem impossible to solve.

If you hire a private investigator, they will keep you informed every step of the way. Not only that, but a private investigator is more likely to find your parents quickly, so that you’re not left with more questions than answers.

Searching for your birth parents? We can help! Contact the Smith Investigation Agency for more information today: 647 479-8474 or

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  1. Hi there my boyfriend is looking for his biological father. All I have is what I think is his fathers first and last name. My bf is 36 and we have our own family doesn’t want anything from him just wants to know who he is. He’s never met him and we think this will help with a lot of questions he has. We live in Scarborough, how much do your services cost? We got 23andme and found a man with the same last name related to my boyfriend but that’s as close as we have come. We can’t get into contact with this man there’s no way.

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