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What are Services Private Investigators Offer?

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Most people assume when searching for a private investigator that we only deal with cheating husbands and cheating wives in infidelity cases. This, however, is not accurate the majority of our private investigation services are ranging from corporate fraud, insurance fraud, workers compensation, skip tracing, and locating people as well as background checks and pre-employment screening. Allow us to give you some information regarding the truth about private investigators!

Step One:

Do you need a Private Investigator?

What is the situation you are experiencing? Have you been a victim of Fraud, are you a business that needs to protect itself against an employee who may be claiming injuries that are false? Are you a lawyer who needs investigative services for a wide variety of reasons? Maybe you need to complete a Child Custody Investigation to determine if your children are safe while in the care of a former spouse or partner.

Step Two:

You start searching for a “private investigator near me.” We can only assume several PI companies will surface in your online research. So which company do you choose when you think “I need to hire a private eye”? The easiest way to determine if someone is credible is to call the licensing office they are licensed with to first determine if they are a licensed private investigative agency. Then you can search the companies website, and read about the services they offer as well read any reviews they have. If they are accredited with the Better Business Bureau or any other private investigator organizations, you can verify them through those organizations and institutions.

Types of Investigations that Private Investigators in Toronto can offer:

Corporate Investigation Services

All businesses have to constantly protect their brand. Corporate investigations could be labour dispute management, surveillance on employees, pre-employment screening or background checks on potential employees. These services are not limited to business investigations but are often used by them.

Legal Investigations

Private investigators regularly work with lawyers in various legal investigations such as divorce investigations, child custody investigations, and skip tracing/locate services. As well as trademark investigations, witness statements, and more. If you are a lawyer or working with a lawyer, using a private eye can greatly benefit your case and assist in obtaining the evidence you need to win your case in court. Often a process server is needed at some point during a legal case to serve witnesses or individuals.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Motor vehicle accidents account for a large amount of fraud within Canada. Fraud is continually growing, and with the increased staged accidents insurance companies are forced to investigate individuals whose claim does not appear to be legitimate. Fraud investigators are necessary to determine if a claimant’s claim is in line with the limitations and restrictions they claim.

Workplace Investigations (W.S.I.B.)

Many employees face injuries in a workplace whether it’s from repetitive work, slip and falls, or other injuries over time. Most are legitimate, yet some are fraudulent and or embellished. Conducting employee investigations can ensure you know what your employee is doing and detect the level of their injury.

Detective or Private Detective

Although in some states, countries, and provinces a private investigator can advertise as a private detective Toronto however in the province of Ontario investigators cannot hold that claim.

Private Investigation Training

Many ask how to become a private investigator? In the province of Ontario, it is mandatory to take a 50-hour training course to obtain your private detective license to then get an investigator job. The Smith Investigation Agency offers PI training, and we are the largest training provider in the province of Ontario with the top-rated course by two major groups, two years in a row.

Locate Someone

Skip tracing services are becoming more and more popular. With individuals being scammed online to locating a long lost family member. We can locate the person(s) you need to contact either for legal purposes or for family purposes.

Adultery Investigations

With divorce rates growing rapidly the cause of more and more divorces is due to Infidelity from either the husband or wife or girlfriend or boyfriend. Our cheating spouse investigations can determine what your spouse is doing and obtain the evidence you need to get the answers to move forward.

We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS for all services and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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