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Which Private Investigator Services Were The Hottest In 2018!

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Which Private Investigator Services Were The Hottest In 2018!

In any industry, there can be a variety of changes in which services are the top services as the need for various services change. One thing however we do see consistent within the private investigative industry is the need for surveillance and investigative research. Although we offer a wide variety of services and will mention some of them below the two main ones would be the surveillance in Toronto and Mississauga as well as throughout Ontario and research services throughout Canada mostly in Alberta and Nova Scotia. So, what was the number one service?

WSIB Employment Fraud Investigations

This one is a bit of a shock to us as in previous years it was always within the top however in 2018 we saw a significant growth of companies has employees conducting fraudulent behaviour. It’s very unfortunate to see that this is a new trend however we are pleased to have offices in all major cities of Canada including Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, Halifax, Edmonton, and Calgary. This way we can assist more companies throughout Canada who are losing money to fraudulent activity from their Employees.

Child Custody Investigations

This place was a bit of a shock as well. Unfortunately, we all know the divorce rate is ever increasing yearly, and many times the worst fights in the divorce have something to do with the children. We assisted in hundreds of cases this year of families who are trying to find answers to gain full custody of their children or to ensure the safety of their children while they are in the care of the former spouse or the former spouse’s new boyfriend or girlfriend. Surveillance in these types of situations can ensure you have the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

Skiptracing & Individual Locate Services

We deal with a considerable amount of people locating per year. These types of searches are common as we can deal with every person from corporate to legal and public because everyone needs at some point to know where someone is. Many of the cases especially with lawyers is locating missing debtors and errors as well as locating witnesses for witness statements. On the public side, we saw an increase in individuals looking to find long lost birth parents or other lost family or family they had stopped merely contact with for one reason or another and wanted to re-initiate that contact. We are happy to see not only our business and legal clients happy, but hundreds of families Have the information to proceed with either meeting their family for the first time or reaching out to Discuss old hurts. We’re pleased to be able to assist in locating these individuals.

Background Checks & Corporate Background Checks

Are you with hundreds of background checks per year for a variety of different services. Some people want to know before hiring an individual if their credentials and criminal record match what they were told in an interview in process. Some want to know if what they’re being told is the truth no matter the situation. But we saw a significant increase in individuals who were waiting to get married but wanted to wait just to confirm that the person that they were going to marry was everything they said they were. Not only on a criminal level but determine if the person was previously married or currently married. As well to do a character reference check to ensure there’s nothing hidden that could surface later in the relationship. Like fraudulent behaviour in previous relationships or abuse in past relationships. This is likely one of our favourite searches to do as we’re able to give people the peace of mind to indeed make informed decisions on who they’re choosing to work with Have their children around or even potentially date or marry. And we would like to see this continue to ensure that fewer people have to do surveillance and go through hardship later because they didn’t know the information they couldn’t afford to know.

Cheating Spouse – Infidelity – Adultery Cases

With the increase in divorces happening many of the individuals before proceeding with any divorce or separation the first check to see if this post has been unfaithful in the relationship. Dealing with a cheating spouse is never an easy topic and it’s never easy to work with someone who is dealing with such a traumatic and painful time, however, having our team or female private investigators in taking the file has shown to relieve some of the natural stress that comes along with doing surveillance for this type of situation. We found it also helps As we are not the typical male investigators lacking compassion however make the situation a little easier for the client in addition to getting great results that they can use to make whatever decision they feel comfortable with. We enjoyed helping along the way and giving guidance and counsel where it is wanted.

TSCM – Debugging Services

Many cases where investigators debug for clients is in corporate settings determining if any audio listening devices or cameras have been installed to steal potential information or gather information on the company to beat them. However, we did see an increase in the public feeling that for one reason or another they are homes were bugged. This is naturally a very uncomfortable feeling for anyone who thinks their privacy is being disregarded and violated. We enjoy working with a variety of clients to determine if there are any devices in the home and removing them if there are.

Private Investigator Training in Ontario

Several years ago, the private investigative industry made some changes to the hiring process and training process for new private investigators looking to get in investigators license. From that time there was a lapse in new investigators coming into the industry. However, thanks to TV and the growing need for investigators there is much more light shed on the investigative sector which is, in turn, making more people want to join the industry. And therefore, we have seen a significant increase in individuals looking to become licensed private investigators in Ontario. Our training course has been around the longest and has seen the greatest number of successful students over the years. We’re proud to have such a successful course and work with many new investigators throughout the province as well as help companies around us hire new and quality investigators.

Spot Checks – Location Verification – Wellness Checks

In some cases where we provide a skip search to a client they simply want to know the state of the individual but do not want to reach out. For instance, a wellness check on a family member or distant child. however, they do not want to go and verify themselves or possibly live out of province or country and cannot. We saw a large increase in individuals utilizing our physical locate services to determine if the person was not only currently living at the address they had but also to let them know the state of the person. hiring a private investigator can bring peace to many situations.

Property Searches Ontario

Many individuals just want proof of a person owning a residence or need further information on the properties a person may own throughout the province in order to add to a legal case, judgement, divorce proceeding etc. Our property search in Ontario is a minimum fee and give insight on how many properties a person owns throughout the province as well as more details with the property from purchase dates and price purchased for as well as all previous owners of the property. This can be used in a variety of different cases to add evidence to your case.

We work with a large variety of cases throughout Canada and just mentioned a few here. If you need investigative services in Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, Brampton, Barrie, Oshawa, Hamilton, London, Windsor, Kitchener, Ottawa, North Bay, Sudbury, Halifax, Edmonton and Calgary. Please feel free to complete an inquiry form or call for a free consultation to have one of our expert private investigators determine the best course of action for your case.

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