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Who Will You Hire? How Background Checks Improve the Hiring Process

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The hiring process is challenging for many reasons, especially when trying to find the right candidate to fill a specific role. Many people lie on resumes and even provide fake references, just to get a job. When it comes to your business, you want to make sure that you don’t waste valuable time, money and resources on picking the wrong hire. It’s why you should (if you haven’t already) consider hiring a private investigator to run background checks on potential hires. Working with a private investigator for your background check needs will only help you to avoid short-term headaches and improve the hiring process for long-term gains. 

What is a Background Check?

A background check is something an employer can request when hiring employees to fill particular positions. Background checks look into an employee’s past history for information including,

Education: Many positions require specific credentials, degrees and accreditations. When hiring, an employer will want to confirm that the potential candidate has the right skills to get the job done.  

Criminal Record: A criminal record can prevent people from getting particular jobs. For example, let’s say that a local high school is looking to hire a teacher who is new to the area. Running a thorough background check on this teacher reveals that they were fired from their previous job because of an inappropriate relationship with a student. This is a situation where a criminal record would definitely impact the hiring of this teacher. 

Previous Employment: Many people like to embellish their past employment. While a little white lie doesn’t hurt, when an employer is looking to hire someone with specific experience, it’s important that the candidate can actually deliver. Employers don’t want to waste time second-guessing whether or not that ten-year appointment working at a specific forensics’ lab is real or fake. Therefore, running a background check to confirm previous employment will prove that the candidate is honest and that they are capable of completing assigned tasks.

Vehicle & License History: Some jobs require an employee to drive a vehicle. An employer should not hire an individual to drive a vehicle if they do not actually have the right license. In some situations, a potential hire might even have had their license revoked. A background check will confirm the validity and status of an individual’s license. In some cases, a hire will need to have this information checked on a regular basis. 

Other information that an employer might request in a background check include, 

  • Medical Records (although some information must remain confidential)
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Credit History
  • Work Authorization

Why Run Background Checks on Potential Employees?

Most people don’t lie about their experience or work history. However, some people don’t have a problem adding previous work experience at companies where they never actually worked. In other cases, some individuals like to make it appear as though they delivered on impossible promises. While it’s often easy to tell whether or not someone is lying in a job interview, sometimes it’s not. This is why employers should run background checks on potential employees. After all, the hiring process is difficult. A lot of time, training and money goes into bringing in a new employee. Running a background check to make sure that the right candidate is hired for the job is often just common sense. 

If you start to make background checks a part of your hiring process, you will immediately see the benefits. A good background check will weed out the candidates you don’t want. Background checks will put your mind at ease because you will know with more certainty that the person you hire will do a good job. At the end of the day, the value of peace of mind is worth its weight in gold. 

Background Checks & Private Investigators

When it comes to background checks, employers should turn to private investigators for help. The reason for this is because a private investigator is trained in background check work. Compared to most people, a private investigator knows where to look and how to search for information that impacts a hiring decision. A private investigator also knows how to obtain this information legally. 

Background Checks in Canada: What’s Legal?

When it comes to the hiring process in Canada, a private investigator isn’t legally allowed to include certain information on a background check. For example, a private investigator can’t go through a potential hire’s garbage or recycling to discover current financial information. 

In Canada, an employer must get written consent from the potential hire to run a background check. This means that the potential hire must be aware that the terms and conditions of the job require a successful background check. In Canada, an employer must also ensure that the background check is job-related. This means that the employer shouldn’t have a private investigator run a background check on a potential or current hire for personal use. It is also illegal for an employee to ask for different information from two or more potential hires. All background checks must relate to the same information for all potential hires.  

Hire the Right Candidate & Improve Your Hiring Process

If you are an employer looking to make some hiring decisions, why not ask a private investigator for help? Working with a good private investigator will only improve your hiring process and ensure that you hire the right candidate the first time. After all, you have better things to do with your time. 

In general, background checks make hiring a breeze because it gives you the information you need to trust the person you’re hiring. As a result, background checks significantly improve the hiring process, giving you back the time and energy you need to run your company with greater efficiency.  

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