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Why become a Private Investigator, and remain an Investigator?

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When i grow up i want to be a Private Investigator!

There are a variety of people in the Investigative industry ranging from the novice who thinks being a PI is “cool,” someone who transferred from a similar career field (like myself), someone with a personal interest in being a PI, retired police, and former military. Even though we practice within the same industry, we are all so different. What makes us so different? It’s a personal drive that keeps us all the industry and makes us “tick”.

When you start working as a Private Investigator, the adrenaline, and the rush keeps you on your toes. In time for some that can turn to boredom or not as “fun” like any career, this can happen to anyone. What turns the novice who “is over it” to the Investigator that continually grows is PASSION. Passion by definition is a strong and barely controllable emotion.

When you are looking for a team to work with you want someone who is not “over it” but someone who thrives on the industry and loves what they do. I have met hundreds of Investigators in my career and trained the newest in the industry, and it’s amazing to see the differences in people new and experienced.

Since I started my career as an Investigator I have maintained the “Rush” the industry brings. I wake up excited to go on my case and have my daily routine when starting out the day. I stop and grab my large double double from Tim Horton’s (I am Canadian of course). I stop and fuel my vehicle up and clean my windows (something everyone should do). I get to my file and set up in the best possible place, and I eagerly await my “Subject” to leave. When you wait for hours and hours the excitement of seeing your subject leave is something like a child at Toy’s R Us. The rush in tailing a subject is the same I felt the first time tailing. When the subject attends different places, especially someone who is on a claim that may be fraudulent the drive to obtain as much high-quality video as possible is the biggest propellant. This passion is necessary to remain a good Private Investigator and continually grow and learn with the industry. There are too many Private Investigators that are just comfortable and just want to collect a cheque with no concern for making the best out of the file.

As a business owner, I love when I can work a file versus being in the office because at the end of the day I love being a Private Investigator, and I know my love for the industry will make the best possible outcome.

It’s important when you work with a company and individual PI’s to get the most out of your investment. If you were not as invested in your career how good would your results be? When you love what you do, you will always succeed because that inner drive will boost you. When you start your day off disliking what you do or not excited to start your day, you will naturally not thrive as much as you could. Moral of the story: find someone with Passion and Dedication. Not just in the Private Investigative industry but in anything you do.

Whitney Joy Smith-The Smith Investigation Agency-Private Investigators in Toronto, Ottawa, & Sudbury!

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