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Why We Need Constructive Criticism in Business!

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Why We Need Constructive Criticism in Business!

I love owning my own business and although the private investigative industry is a very different industry than many others I am a multi-generational entrepreneur. A large majority of my family as far back as the 1600’s were in some kind of business. One thing that is universal about business is learning from mistakes, growing and constant changes. Even more so in an internet and tech world. But I feel so many are against constructive criticism, and this is when they make mistakes in business and show poor leadership skills.

Constructive Criticism Meaning

The business dictionary describes it as “a recommended set of instructions that aims to collaboratively improve the overall quality of the product or service. Often containing helpful and specific suggestions for positive change, constructive criticism is highly focused on a particular issue or set of issues, as opposed to providing general feedback on the item or organization as a whole.”

Ways To Properly Take Constructive Criticism?

First and foremost, I would say guard your reaction as people tend to take everything personally, yet it could be a huge help if you remain positive. Listen for the keywords that may help you improve and be slow to speak rather continue to listen and take mental notes. Be appreciative once you have received it and mention you will consider what heard. This does not mean the person has wisdom, but most successful businessmen and women don’t surround themselves with poor company, so the chances of the information being good are better than not.

Process The Feedback

If you maintain the open mind consider what was said and if it could assist you in your business or in ways to work better with clients, inventory, staff etc. The it is worth processing to determine what you can take and make good changes with.

Good Leadership

Owning a business does not come with a manual, and there are lots of stages of learning in a business and may have issues overcoming the first few years and unfortunately fail. Many also fail when they don’t consider or value the opinions of other business leaders. I knew someone in the industry for years, and this person was a good employee however did not show skills of a good leader. I had opened The Smith Investigation Agency and a year or so later this person had opened a company as well in what I think was more of a move not to feel left out of the “business club” which was not even realistic. However, this person had a very difficult time in business with limited to no information on how to run and operate a business but also to take helpful criticism. We would receive calls from clients who had hired this agency and it was just very poor feedback and many times we took on cases this company had caused issues with in some way or showed poor customer service etc. When we knew things had gotten tough for this business owner, we decided to offer contract files to help work with them and try and see positive changes. The relationship turned sour quickly when one of our files was mishandled and when I gave constructive criticism it wasn’t met with a lack of maturity and an open mind it was met with anger and frustration etc. This person chose to continue in the industry for a while before having to move on mostly because of not accepting constructive criticism.

Makes You Wonder

This situation had come as a shock to me as I mentioned I come from a long line of entrepreneurs, so it is in my blood. But one thing I know is we are all open-minded and accept all feedback not just the good. That is how you improve and get better. So why do people not accept positive criticism?

At the Smith Investigation Agency, we strive to maintain being The Best Private Investigator’s in Toronto but also through Ontario as well in Alberta and Nova Scotia. If you need investigative services, please feel free to complete an inquiry form or call an office closest to you for a free consultation. If you enjoyed this blog and wanted to reach out to discuss, please do. If you want some constructive criticism and helpful pointers on your business, we would be glad to assist. Being in business and staying in business is about working with other business.

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