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Women Rising Up As Business Owners In Canada!

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I love writing blogs along with other members of our team of private investigators who write periodically. For me, writing is a fun way to be creative and share my points of view, my experiences, educate people, and share interesting Canadian Private Investigator stories. I like to write in different areas as I travel a lot and like to change up the direction of the blogs to not always be stuffy Toronto PI blogs full of keywords and not relevant to real life or fun and educational in any way.

For this blog, I knew that I wanted to write something about women in business as I had a discussion with someone not long ago and it was about men and women and who works more in the workplace. This was an older man I was speaking with and he was very stern on the idea that men not only work harder but are the sole providers while women stay at home and cook and clean. This is incorrect, and it annoyed me. It was completely false information, which is frustrating to me as an investigator, because I like to operate in facts. But also, because it assumes all the hard-working women entrepreneurs are not being given the credit due for the hard work they have done to get where they are. It also takes from who I am as a female entrepreneur running the largest female-owned private investigations company in Canada, and from my staff like good friend and my VP of operations, Patricia Vercillo who runs the day to day operations in Alberta, Nova Scotia and Ontario alongside me. It bothered me hearing this man say this as the way it was said was meant to undermine women and not support us in our journey to be successful business women. Business truly takes all kinds. There needs to be different genders, ages, etc. to be successful so no one is truly above another. We all work hard and need to in order to continue in success. But why is there such a gap in the generations and the information that surrounds this topic?


After the conversation with this man, I began to consider what he said as I like to consider everyone’s opinions even if I don’t agree I try and understand their point of view. I couldn’t justify this man’s opinion but wanted to educate myself rather on the current statistics of women in business, so I knew and could better discuss with someone should a conversation like that arise again. After all, this man’s argument was that there were no possible way women even shared 20% of the workforce. So, I busted out my private investigation skills and began to do some investigative research online about business women in Canada, America and throughout the world. Turns out I was right when discussing the statistics with this man. It is almost 50-50 men to women who work. This is amazing – Yay for both sides! Some men I know personally wanted to leave the corporate world and stay at home with their children while the wives took higher positions in the corporate world. I loved seeing how this was okay for the men and women and there did not need to be a “role” like we have heard about or seen in different generations. I like that as a younger generation we are doing what works for us and no one person has an expectation to provide or care for the home and children. It is both parents accepting responsibility and providing in a way that works for them.


According to the BLS “In 1950, there were 18.4 million women in the labor force, which accounted for about one-third of the total labor force. In 2000, there were 66.3 million women in the labor force, who made up 46.5 percent of the total labor force. By 2015, the number of women in the labor force had increased to 73.5 million, comprising 46.8 percent of the overall labor force. According to BLS projections, the number of women in the labor force will increase to 77.2million in 2024 for a 47.2 percent share.”

Reading these statistics opened my eyes to how far women have come. I am proud to be a woman and proud to be on the rise with other women. Men we are happy to work alongside you and share family roles and responsibilities.

If I could tell this man one thing now, what would it be?

Get the facts! I am all for debate and hearing other opinions, but it is frustrating when people debate on something with no facts and just judgement. This man’s opinion was just that and had nothing factual about it. Dare I even say a misogynistic point of view.

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