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You Need to Know Who’s Listening

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Do you ever get the feeling that someone might be listening in on your conversations? While in most situations, an eavesdropper doesn’t wish you, your family, or your business any harm; some people listen in on conversation for more sinister reasons. If you believe you’ve been bugged, you need Technical Surveillance Counter Measure Services (TSCM Services). Not only that, but if a TSCM service team discovers evidence that you’ve been bugged, you’ll need to track down who did it and why.

What are Technical Surveillance Counter Measure Services (TSCM)?

TSCM service basically refers to situations where someone calls in a private investigator (or other firm) to remove surveillance devices from the home or office. In other words, it describes the service provided to prevent and discover whether or not a person is being bugged.

While it’s possible for anyone to get bugged, some professions or people tend to set up bugs more often. For example, one spouse will bug the other, a police officer will bug a potential suspect or a business will bug the competition to find out their secrets.

How to Know if Someone’s Listening

Bugging anyone is serious business, and is often illegal in many areas of Canada and the United stated. So, how do you know if you’re a potential target? How do you know if someone’s listening?

The good news is there are several warning signs you can watch out for including,

Strange Noises on Your Phone Line

If, when speaking on the phone, you start to hear strange popping, crackling, or static noise, it’s possible the line is bugged. While you won’t know for sure until you get a private inspector in to check things out, you might want to use a different phone in the meantime.

Empty Trucks or Vans Parked Near Your Home

While spotting an empty van or truck near your home isn’t an immediate cause for alarm, it can still serve as a warning sign. Especially if that truck or van stays put for more than a few days and has a ladder or something on the roof. Trucks and vans can easily conceal anyone sitting in the back with a listening device. They can also, quite easily, hide an antenna on the roof. If the van or truck remains between 500 – 700 feet away from your home (or business), you might want to hire a TSCM team to check and see if you’ve been bugged.

Business Secrets Seem Like Public Knowledge

Let’s say that you sat in on a business meeting where you discussed an important agreement or financial decision with a select group of people. The next day, you find out that a competitor somehow knows about the meeting, and what was said during the meeting. While it’s possible that someone in the meeting may have told the competition, confidentiality clauses make that explanation a little difficult to believe.

What may have happened is that the office has been bugged. In order to confirm your suspicions, you should hire a TSCM team to check out the office.

Moved Furniture

Sometimes furniture or other things get moved. Cleaners come into the office or home and move things around. Spouses or children move items around the house all the time. However, if you suspect items have been moved in your office or home by someone other than those you trust, you should check for bugs.

Service Person Arrives Out of the Blue

It might seem like something out of a movie, but people who pretend to work for a phone or electric company often bug homes and businesses. The individual will arrive at the office or home. No one will remember calling for someone. However, because the person is wearing a uniform and seems to know what they’re talking about, they’re granted entrance.

When the individual is allowed into the home or business, they can then set up as many bugs as they like. So, if you suspect this has happened in the last little while, you might need to hire a TSCM team.

Other signs include,

  • Volume changes or other strange sounds on your phone line
  • Strange interference when you turn on Am/FM radio
  • Television reception acting up
  • You’re home or office was broken into, yet nothing was stolen
  • Someone gives you an electronic device as a gift

Why Hire a Private Investigator?

A TSCM team is a group of people trained in how to properly run a bug sweep operation. While there are TSCM companies all across North America, many people turn to private investigators for their debugging needs instead.

Private investigators are required to go through specialized training. This training eventually allows a private investigator to earn their license. What this training also does is prepare a private investigator for all different types of cases, including bug sweep operations.

A private investigation team will come to your home or business to perform a bug sweep. They will also bring along any equipment they need to locate tricky to find bugs. This equipment picks up different frequencies, so even the tiniest bug gets found.

The reason why a private investigation team is needed during a bug sweep is because they need to look everywhere. If only one person handles the bug sweep, chances are, he or she will miss something. With more than one pair of eyes on the situation, private investigators can also better piece together who might have done the crime.

What to Look for in your team

If you suspect your home or office is bugged, you need to hire a professional team. The question you need to ask yourself is: how do you find the right one? So many companies TSCM companies advertise online, including private investigation agencies. Which ones will get the job done right?

Speaking with a representative of the company will certainly help. During the conversation, ask a few questions. These questions can include anything from the type of equipment the team will use, or how long a sweep will take. If you doubt what the person tells you, or they don’t give you a clear answer, take this as a warning sign.

Choosing the Right Private Investigation Team

When you choose a private investigation TCSM team, they will not only uncover any bugs, they will also help you track down the guilty party. A good private investigation team will have many different skills, which they can use to solve the case. So, in addition to securing your privacy, you also get peace of mind. You know that whoever bugged you will get caught.

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