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As the second largest city in Manitoba, Brandon provides its residents with charm and a wonderful quality of life. If you live in town and find yourself looking for great private investigation services, check us out. The Smith Investigation Agency’s legacy of excellence is found in our A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation. We work with experienced local Brandon private investigators who have the right skills and tools to solve any problem. You can count on us for quality private investigative services.

Services We Provide

The Smith Investigation Agency offers a wide range of investigative services. In Manitoba, our team of private investigators focus on two important categories: Surveillance and Investigative Research. Both corporate and legal sectors, and private individuals can benefit from our first-rate services. Although our Manitoba team focuses on two types of investigative services, our private investigators have professional expertise in all areas of the field. From cheating spouses to monitoring an employee’s behavior, The Smith Investigation Agency is the leading agency in the investigation industry.


Corporate & Legal

Is an employee exhibiting strange behavior? One of our private investigators can help! Our professional PI’s dig deep to uncover the data and evidence you need to take action. We’ll leave no incriminating file left undiscovered. After all, our mission is to prevent damage to your business growth and assets. Our discretion and professional conduct make the difference in identifying risks and ensuring the success of your company’s growth potential.

Family Investigations

When it comes to family investigations, The Smith Investigation Agency’s private investigators know that emotions can quickly spiral out of control. Our Brandon, Manitoba private investigator team has worked for family’s going through asset conflicts, missing persons, and even child custody battles. Know that you don’t have to try and fix the situation alone. Working with a trained expert in evidence collection and family law can make the difference in keeping your family protected.

Investigative Research:

Background Checks

Do you need to know whether a present, past or future employee is telling the truth? The Smith Investigation’s background check services will give you the power to make the right hiring or firing decision. We ensure you gain confidence in your employee’s abilities and that you work with (or hire) a trustworthy and honest individual.

In addition, if you’re a landlord trying to protect your investment by screening for bad tenants, our background check services will prove very useful. Our private investigators can analyze an individual’s criminal record, financial status, work history, and more to provide you with a complete and comprehensive background check.

Skip Trace – Locate Services

Our skip trace and locate services hold a 98% success rate, which make for an extremely effective way to find a missing person. We’ve got a great combination of determination, tools and talent to deliver our clients accurate results. If you need to catch a runaway fraudster, find an estranged spouse, or even a long lost relative, our robust team of professional private investigators will do what it takes to locate the person. And, if you need to serve someone court papers, we can even connect you with the right process servers to get the job done.

Additional Services:

Asset Search

When it comes to asset search services our private investigators carefully go through everything from suspicious correspondence to bank and investment records. Our private investigators use great discretion and expertise to recover your belongings. If you believe your assets have gone missing, The Smith Investigation Agency will give you back control with asset search services that will give you the big picture. If there’s someone hard at work trying to take what’s yours, our team will uncover the truth.

Fraud Protection

For many years, our private investigators have taken on many fraud related cases across Canada. Protect your interests with precision accurate reporting backed by real and solid evidence that is captured using a data-focused approach to fraud and fraud related investigations. Uncover the culprit, what’s at stake and minimize the risk to your bottom line. Reach out to us to help safeguard your financial stability and assets today.

And More…

For a full list of services, please visit our services page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Can I Ask A Private Investigator To Do?

Private Investigators most commonly help with locating individuals or fleeing debtors, in addition to monitoring individuals or companies to report on actions, verifying information about a potential fraud or cheating spouse, reviewing suspicious claims, and we also assist in investigations related to child custody and welfare cases. We specialize in corporate, insurance, trademark, risk management, fraud, family and private investigations, as well as asset searches, background checks, investigative research, and skip tracing.

How Do You Obtain The Information?

At The Smith Investigation Agency, we use state-of-the-art technology and investigative skills to complete our cases. This can include skip tracing to find missing individuals, social media monitoring, background checks, asset searches, pre-employment screening, surveillance measures, technical surveillance countermeasure services and GPS tracking, to name a few.

Is Hiring A PI legal?

Yes. Private Investigators only use legal means to obtain information. Private Investigators have legal permission to track a person’s whereabouts and monitor their actions. 

Are Your PIs Licensed?

The Smith Investigation Agency PIs are fully licensed, have undergone rigorous training and have passed an approved Investigator Training Course with a score above 80% on the provincial final exam. Each of our agents is also required to comply with the rules and regulations that are set out by the Security Services and Investigators Act guidelines by the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General. Our PIs also have extensive law enforcement experience and specialized training.

What Can’t A PI Do?

Under the law, PIs cannot wiretap a phone without the individual’s consent, nor can they enter onto someone’s private property if they are not authorized to do so. This includes reading other people’s mail or breaking into someone’s car. PIs are also not authorized to arrest anyone, however, they can take legal steps to stop a crime.

Can A PI Be Used To Testify In Court?

In some circumstances, a PI can be called upon to testify in court if the information they obtained is relevant to the case. In these cases, they will be asked to present the findings.

How Do Private Investigators Charge For Services?

Each circumstance is unique in nature. The approximate cost for services will depend on your exact needs. For instance, our research-based services are charged at a flat rate with no hidden fees. For larger jobs that involve more in-depth research or surveillance, we may charge an hourly rate depending on your case. Once we determine your needs, we will provide you with a transparent and upfront quote for services before we start. 

Is There Any Risk Of People Finding Out I Hired A PI?

No. Your case will remain fully confidential, and our services will be conducted in a completely discreet manner. 

Are Professional Investigators Worth It?

Yes. You may be tempted to hire a cheaper investigator, but they will likely be inexperienced and cost more in the long run. If you need the PI to testify in court, you will also want a highly experienced PI on your side who knows the ins and outs of the law and investigation process.

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Private Investigator Services in Brandon

The Smith Investigation Agency’s services are available in Brandon, Manitoba. We employ private investigators for professional, discreet and dependable operation throughout Saskatchewan, each of which has exceptional training and refined abilities to ensure absolute integrity and competency. We are also pleased to offer AIR MILES Reward Miles for all our investigation services. Please speak to your consultant at check-out for further details.

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