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Our Global Reach

Did you know that The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. can locate someone in Canada, even if you live overseas? In fact, we help hundreds of people every year in Europe and around the globe locate lost loved ones and those who have fled to Canada. Our expert PI team can track anyone down no matter where you live.

Full Basket Of Services

Whether you need to track an ex-husband who you believe has fled to Canada, a long-lost friend who relocated to Toronto years ago, a suspect who has crossed the border, or a spouse who frequently takes business trips from Vancouver to Halifax, we can help! We offer a wide range of investigative services, from skip tracing – locate services, background checks, cyber investigations, T.S.C.M. (debugging) and surveillance services. We’ll work with you personally to determine your unique needs and put together a plan of action that will provide you with the best results for your budget.

Award Winning Company

When you hire The Smith Investigation Agency Inc., you’ll be hiring a National company operating throughout Canada and a PI agency that has won several prestigious awards in the investigative industry. The awards include Consumer’s Choice Award for Business Excellence for 5-years straight as well as best Female owned Private Investigations company in Canada and more. Our team is also proud to be accredited with an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star rating on Google!

Experience You Deserve

Our PI teams are only staffed with industry experts that have extensive knowledge and first-hand experience in the field. You deserve nothing less than a track record of success and results to get the job done right. Our dedicated teams will find the answers you need and the results you desire swiftly and in a confidential, compliant manner — guaranteed!

We Aim To Exceed Your Expectations

No stone will go unturned – when you bring your case to us, we’ll dig deep to get you the information you need. We operate in several provinces in Canada to better your chance of success when hiring an International Private Investigator. You’ll get dedicated support, full transparency and the utmost professionalism from our staff. Plus, you’ll receive fully comprehensive reporting, and legally obtained evidence that can be used in court.

You deserve to know the truth, no matter where you live in this world. If you need investigative services in Canada, we’re the team to call! The Smith Investigation Agency’s expert PIs will exceed your expectations, never your budget. Contact us today to set up your free, fully-confidential consultation.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal

Around Canada and across the globe, more businesses and legal firms are seeking the specialized services of investigative experts. This is where we come in, helping to protect organizations from fraudulent activities. Sometimes, the perpetrator is an ex-employee or recent hire who slipped through internal screenings. Other times, the organization could be targeted remotely via ransomware and other forms of hacking. Regardless, our experienced team of Private Investigators is here to help. We’ll discuss an appropriate plan of action with you and work diligently to stop further damage from occurring. With comprehensive reporting, fact-based decision making and evidence to support your side of the story, it’s time to gain a legal upper hand.

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Family Investigations

Family is something near and dear to all of us, and we know at The Smith Investigation Agency how horrible it can feel when loved ones are put at risk. From child custody disputes to suspicions of an affair unfolding behind one’s back, there are many ways a family can be fragmented. Regardless, you deserve the truth, based on true facts and tangible evidence that can be used to support your case. Our team takes discretion, compassion and professionalism seriously, working hard with family members to carefully reach the root of the issue, identify it, and then present them with the power and tools needed to address it from a legal perspective. Make an informed, sound decision based on results you can trust, and move forward to recover from the hardship with full confidence in that truth. We’re here to help.

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Cyber Investigations

Our team of cyber investigators can work with you to determine your need whether you are being cyberstalked, phished, etc.

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T.S.C.M. (Bug Sweep)

Our certified TSCM technicians can work with you to determine if there are any devices in your business, home, office or vehicle.

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Investigative Research

Skip Trace Services

If you’re looking for a dedicated skip tracer with years of experience, we’re your best bet for cases within Canada or elsewhere in the world. With a 98-percent success rate based on years of dedicated work across thousands of files, our professional investigative research team knows what it takes to deliver the best results. In Canada in particular, we have access to more information than any other skip tracing companies. If you live elsewhere in the world and need help with skip tracing in Canada, you can count on us. We’ll also provide a list of appropriate parties if you need process server assistance.

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Background Checks

Think you really know someone you hired but want to make sure? Or, are you suspicious of a dating scam and want to get to the bottom of it? Our Private Investigators can help with thorough, detail-focused background checks that leave nothing to chance. They are particularly useful when dealing with employee deception, online fraud and similar cases. The process begins when you meet with us to discuss your current situation, your suspicions, and specific details or evidence you may have already obtained of something amiss. We’ll perform discreet, timely investigations into the history of the subjects in question and present detailed reports for you to consult. Don’t fear the unknown any longer – bring the truth to light instead with a background check handled by our expert team.

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Additional Services

Social Media Monitoring

Unsure if a loved one’s profile on Facebook is being used by who they say they are? Or, are you dealing with an ex-employee who is slandering your company online? Reach out to us for social media monitoring services that leave no critical evidence overlooked. With accurate, thorough reporting and active analysis of online data, we can help protect your reputation, the digital security of loved ones and invaluable data, and more. By performing deep dives on the web to secure as much information as possible and even checking to verify offline information, our team leaves nothing to chance. In an age when a single social media comment or threat message can cause a ton of damage, we’re happy to protect your online presence and safety.

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Dealing with a case of fraud is stressful, time-consuming and worrying, but you can lessen the blow by gaining an upper hand with enough evidence to back your side of the story. Put fraudulent individuals in their place and maximize your risk management efficiency with the services of our Private Investigators. With our data-focused approach and a commitment to discretion, we can sneak under the radar to collect valuable information before perpetrators get as wise as they think they are. With accurate, fact-based reporting and our thoroughness, you’ll be armed with more than enough details that can be used legally to reveal the truth. We’re here to help make a difference, protecting businesses, lawyers, and even residents from fraudulent behaviour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Private Investigators are capable of providing a wide range of services such as locating individuals, protecting assets and yourself, and verifying information. These include skip tracing, locating someone, social media monitoring, fraud, insurance and WSIB investigations, family-focused investigations pertaining to child custody and welfare, and much more. They are also hired for infidelity cases as well, in order to verify whether someone’s suspicions about a cheating spouse or partner are correct.

Yes, it is legal since Private Investigators have the ability and permission to track a person’s whereabouts if it pertains to a client’s case. Using state-of-the-art tools and investigative skills, they may actively monitor an individual to report their actions. Or, they can use location services such as skip tracing to find missing individuals such as wayward seniors or fleeing debtors.

Yes. Private Investigators are often recruited by clients to safeguard children caught amidst a custody battle. Such instances include monitoring a child’s welfare from a distance to see whether they are adequately cared for. In addition, they have the ability to investigate whether an ex-spouse or partner is adhering to custody payments or other responsibilities involving child welfare.

Yes. In some circumstances, Private Investigators may be called upon to testify if the information they have obtained could play an important role in a case brought before the courts. They may be asked to present their findings to help the court and jury come to an accurate and appropriate conclusion.

No not legally. Due to privacy restrictions in place to protect those visiting and living within Canada, Private Investigators are not permitted to seek out and obtain cell phone records. The Smith Investigation Agency complies with this rule and fully respects the individual’s right to privacy. Instead, other methods may be used to procure information pertaining to a case, such as fraud investigations or surveillance.

Absolutely. Private Investigators have to undergo rigorous, comprehensive training to secure full certification and the legal privilege to operate. Avoid any investigative agency that does not comply with these rules and be sure to instead reach out to the professionals who follow established standards.

The approximate cost of Private Investigator services in Canada will vary according to your needs. For instance, our research services are all at a flat rate with no hidden fees. This is because every case and circumstance is unique, much like our custom-tailored investigative services. It should be advised that cheaper agencies are not always the best solution – your best bet is to invest a little more in an established, reputable agency with a good track record. That way, you can be certain you will get the answers you seek.

Private Investigators themselves undergo full background checks with RCMP before serving in the field. Even before this, however, they are required to undergo extensive training to improve their situational awareness and ensure they are ready to practice. Always work with an agency that is fully certified.

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