College Private Investigator Courses- Scam or Not?

College Private Investigator Courses- Scam or Not?

We recently had an individual contact us, and the student said he had just signed up for the in class private investigator course/program at a college in Ontario. He said how the course was two years in length and he was paying around $4,300.00 for the course. He was asking questions about the industry, and he was informed from the school that in order to become a private investigator he had to complete the course that they offered. So he signed up for it thinking that was his only option. Now, this is not true in fact I have yet to see anyone who attended one of these schools work in the industry successfully. The private investigation industry has a lot to do with common sense and due diligence. We can tell when an individual comes to various companies for a job and says they attended a two year school they did not do their due diligence into the industry to see if that was necessary or not. This makes the potential employer wonder if the person will overlook things on the file as well. As well you can go over rules, and laws in the required 50-hour course where the majority of what you need practice in is the hands on surveillance. I have talked to students who have completed the schools, and all across the board, they say they were dissatisfied with the training they took at the various colleges. In fact, some of the schools that offer these programs are not even registered with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, so you are still required to take your online investigator training with someone like The Smith Investigation Agency.

We were curious to see what types of courses and programs were out there so we searched online and found the following:

Private Security and Investigative Services

Public and Private Investigations

Private Investigating

Part Time Enhanced Private Investigation

Professional Investigator Training Course

Private Investigator Training and Security Guard Training College

Study Private Investigations part-time

Private Investigator School Classes, Certification Courses, and Degree

Private Investigator Training

Private Investigation – Continuing Education

Private Investigator Schools and Colleges with Program Information

Security and Investigation Courses

Protection, Security, and Investigation

Protection Security & Investigation

Protection, Security, and Investigation

Advanced Law Enforcement and Investigations

Detective Training Institute

Private Investigator Training Courses Online

Advanced Investigations and Enforcement

Private Investigator Intern Career Technical Certificate

School Of Private Investigation & Security

Private Investigation– Crime Courses

Ontario Online Private Investigator Licence Certification

Private Investigator Course

Private Investigation certificate

Private Investigator Degree

Careers in the Field of Investigation & Enforcement

The Online Private Investigator training course ranged from approximately $500 and up and the in class private investigator courses for 1-2 year programs were $1,900.00 – $4,000.00 and up.

We just want to share clarity to anyone who is looking to become a private investigator you are not required to obtain and college degree or diploma to become an investigator. You are only required to take the 50-hour training which is offered by our company and most others for $199.99. When it comes to employment and career opportunities as a private investigator we have spoken to many companies who say they do not consider any formal training to be something they look for, and therefore you are not a more desirable candidate than the next as the training these programs are giving is more designed to the rules, laws and regulations of the industry and is not any practical training that would make you a better investigator.

Real life surveillance is much different than mock group days that you may attend.

If you are considering becoming a private investigator and have any questions regarding the training and jobs in the industry, please call or email us today. If you would like to sign up for training, you can visit our website now to purchase the course and we will setup your login right away.

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