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The capital of Canada’s ocean playground, Halifax is a bustling seaside metropolis well-suited to a variety of lifestyles and everyday needs. With a large population along with the city of Dartmouth just one bridge away, it’s a place full of opportunities – both good and bad. Many Haligonians trust in The Smith Investigation Agency to address concerns surrounding their workplace, employees, loved ones, and their own welfare. With the assistance of a Halifax-based private investigator, we can help you determine the truth through fact-based reporting. Combined with our history of service excellence and A+ accreditation through the Better Business Bureau, you get the most discreet and professional investigative services around.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal

If you’re encountering suspicious or potentially damaging behaviour within your business, there’s no need to face it alone and be left in troublesome circumstances: The Smith Investigation Agency can help with our expert investigative services. We will protect your bottom line with comprehensive corporate and legal data surveillance. Using top-quality equipment and applying our many years of experience to your case, we can produce accurate and dependable results. Combined with our discreet and careful approach to surveillance, you and your business are better protected and prepared. We will work to identify the problem and help you address it as swiftly and efficiently as possible with concise, fact-filled reporting.

Skip Tracing Services

With a 98 percent success rate, The Smith Investigation Agency’s skip tracing services offer some of the best results in the industry. This is the result of our years of experience, dedication to accuracy and applications of cutting-edge technology. Whether you need to locate a runaway debtor, trace an adoption, or otherwise, we can help. We can also assist with collecting witness statements, conducting interviews, and even performing questioning should the need arise. If you seek the truth and want peace of mind, our private investigators and research team can deliver the most accurate results possible.

Investigative Research:

Background Checks

Regardless of whether you fear for someone’s safety or the integrity of your company, The Smith Investigation Agency’s background checks can deliver the truth along with supporting data. It all begins with the intensive research performed by our team of experts, utilized by some of Canada’s most elite companies as well as landlords, family members, and others. Along with taking statements, investigating work histories and acquiring proof of credentials, we also dig deeper to uncover the true nature and intentions of an individual or organization they represent. We work purely based out of compassion and understanding, operating discreetly so as not to be intrusive or to sacrifice sensitive evidence.

Asset Search

If you need stolen assets recovered or want to investigate the holdings of an organization or individual, we can help. The Smith Investigation Agency’s asset searches are both comprehensive and fact-driven, leaving no stone unturned to ensure everything we present is valid and accurate. We look at everything from bank records to investments to clarify the truth regarding an individual, company or organization. This is also useful if a family member is hiding money owed to you (such as child support payments). Our private investigators and research team leave nothing to chance, carefully examining every bit of asset-related data to bring the truth to the surface.



If you think you have been defrauded or are in danger of being targeted as such, our investigative team can help. Our Risk Management and Anti-Fraud unit in Halifax focuses on identifying what risks exist and then handling those risks in a way best suited to your specific objectives. We will carefully assess what is going on to help you make sense of it, compiling reports with the proof you need for peace of mind and financial protection. Our fraud division handles a wide variety of cases from small claims to situations where several millions of dollars are at risk. Whether you are a large corporation dealing with fraud or a private member of the public considering an investigation, contact us today and learn more about our process. We work discreetly to obtain the truth, enabling you to move forward more efficiently.

Family & Private

Handling a dispute between family and/or friends can be painful – emotions can sometimes get in the way of the facts. Let the Smith Investigation Agency step in and de-clutter the situation by getting straight to the truth of the matter. Whether it is a disagreement over child support payments or an agreement to sell something to a friend, we will get to the bottom of it. This non-biased method of problem-solving can reduce stress on both sides, as our team has no personal stake in the matter and are only there to deliver the truth. If you need peace of mind as well as clarity, our family and private investigative services are an ideal solution. Spousal activity checks, social media monitoring and witness interviews are just a few of the many ways we can help.

And More…

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Private Investigator Services in Halifax

The Smith Investigation Agency’s Halifax office proudly serves surrounding communities such as Truro, Peggy’s Cove, Lunenburg, and Dartmouth, among others. A winning combination of sophisticated technology and knowledgeable, experienced private investigators in our employ gives you the most accurate results. Working with a focus on discretion and maintaining your integrity, our team can be a dependable, well-rounded solution to many different problems that can crop up in personal and business lives. Contact us today for a free consultation!


Disclaimer: Often, we are referred to as private detectives, but we are actually private investigators. It is inaccurate and prohibited by law to refer to us as private detectives, according to Ontario’s MCSCS, so be sure to learn the difference between the two before contacting us or any other agency. You deserve to be well-informed and aware of what services you will receive.

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