Life After Your Pardon: Security Guard & Private Investigation Training

Life After Your Pardon: Security Guard & Private Investigation Training

Do You Have a Criminal Record? If the answer is yes, have you ever considered applying for a pardon? Depending on the kind of criminal record you have, applying for a pardon will give you access to many different job opportunities. Some of those job opportunities include the ability to sign up for a career in security or even private investigation.

Apply for a Pardon

The very first step you need to take in order to become a private investigator or security guard is to apply for a pardon. In Ontario, the Parole Board of Canada is responsible for all pardon applications. You must apply through them to receive your pardon.

For most people, applying for a pardon isn’t easy. There’s a lot of documentation that’s required, some of which can take months to sort out on your own. This is why many applicants turn to non-profit organizations like Pardons Canada for help. These companies specialize in getting you the right information in a timely matter so that you can receive your pardon quickly. Even checking out their website for information is a great way to save yourself time in the long run.

Become a Security Guard

Security is increasingly becoming one of the most sought-after careers in North America. The reason for this is simple. More and big companies like public malls, retail spaces and the government require security. For many of these companies, simple surveillance methods just don’t cut it. They require a physical presence on site to ensure the security of their property, equipment and more.

In order to earn your security guard license, you require a clean criminal record. In Ontario, the government lists 80 different offences that will prevent you from getting your security guard license. This changes the moment you receive a pardon.

Personality Traits of a Good Security Guard

Before you jump straight into the first security guard course you find on the Internet, you need to think about whether or not it is the right career fit. Don’t worry, if you need a little guidance. The following is a list of some of the most important personality traits needed to become a great security guard.


This trait pretty much goes without saying. If you have difficulty making it to something as simple as an appointment, becoming a security guard is likely not the right fit for you. It is so important for security guards to show up on time. A security guard’s primary duty is to make sure whatever it is they’re keeping secure remains that way. Any gap in changing shifts, or leaving the property unattended only creates opportunity for criminals.

Detail Oriented

When you witness an event, do you remember every detail? What about when you’re assigned a task, do you make sure to complete every step of the process from start to finish? If this sound like you, a career as a security guard would certainly be a good fit! Many people have this idea that security guards are lazy. The truth is the exact opposite. A security guard must constantly keep their wits about them and notice every detail. That way, when something does happen, they can follow the appropriate steps to take action.

Ability to Lead and Follow

Most people think that becoming a leader is the best part of any job. As a security guard, you definitely will have opportunities to lead as you gain experience. What you also need to keep in mind is that every leader must also know how to follow. Even if you have a team of security guards that you manage, there will be times where you might need to follow the instructions of one of your people. A good security guard will know how and when to listen to subordinates and when to take the lead.

Security Guard Training

To become a security guard, you must have a clean criminal record. Again, applying for and receiving a pardon will help you to become eligible. In Ontario, the security guard training course involves 40 hours of class training followed by a security guard exam. After you pass the security guard exam, you will receive your security guard license. You must have your license in Ontario in order to apply for and earn employment as a security guard.

Many different companies offer security guard training programs. It is in your best interest to do a little research to find one that suits you best. Quite often this means contacting a few training programs and asking questions. You can also look online for reviews to determine if the course produces a lot of graduates, or is just a scam.

Become a Private Investigator

In Ontario, if you have a criminal record that appears on a government list of 80 different criminal offences, you cannot earn your private investigator’s license. If however, you apply for and receive a pardon, you become eligible.

Personality Traits of a Good Private Investigator

If you’re thinking about becoming a private investigator, it’s important to think about what makes a good private investigator. Typically, this relates to different personality traits. To help you decide whether or not you would make a good private investigator (before you take the training course), a few personality traits you should probably have include,


A good private investigator needs lots and lots of patience. The majority of work done by a private investigator is actually done from their car. Surveillance is a large component to many cases, and it requires a private investigator to essentially sit and wait for something to happen. In some cases this could take hours, while in other cases it could take weeks. Having a ton of patience will get you far in this career.


Many private investigators will need to speak with or interview people that might have information about a case. To successfully get the information, you need to look and act personable. The reason for this is because people will naturally want to give you information if you seem like a nice person. If you act in an aggressive manner, you’re never going to get the information you need to crack the case.

Quick Thinker

While you need to have patience, you also need to react quickly when something happens. If you’re sitting in your car, watching a suspect, and suddenly that suspect is on the move, you need to be ready to follow them. Do you need to call for backup or are you able to follow that person on your own? Hundreds if not thousands of potential scenarios could unfold and you need to know how to handle each in an instant.

Private Investigator Training

The private investigator training course is 50 hours in length. Similar to the security guard training course, once completed, you can take the private investigator exam. After you pass this exam, you will receive your private investigator’s license.

When it comes to selecting a private investigator’s course, it’s a good idea to try and find one provided by a private investigation company. The reason for this is because once you earn your private investigator’s license the company might hire you! You could find yourself with a job in significantly less time that it would take to earn a degree.

Start a New Career

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting to think about what kind of career you want, or if you’re looking for a fresh start. If you have the wrong kind of criminal record, you’re not eligible for many different jobs.

The good news is you can apply for a pardon with the Parole Board of Canada. The even better news is there are companies out there like, Canada Pardons who will help you sort out exactly what you need to apply. Once you receive that pardon, the results will be well worth the effort. You can sign up for an exciting career in the world of private investigation and security. Taking the private investigator or security guard training course will help you to earn your exam. From there, you can build a career—legally—and without ever looking back.

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