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The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. is one of the most respected award-winning national Private Investigator firms in the Greater Vancouver and the Fraser River. With proven results and years of expertise. In our years in business, we have completed thousands of investigative research cases such as locate – skip tracing, background checks and asset searches, and surveillance files for various legal, corporate, and personal reasons. Our team is run by Whitney Joy Smith, owner of The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. Our agency is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintains an A+ rating and several prestigious awards. We believe in raising the bar in the private investigative industry and providing our clients with the results they deserve.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal

As the greater Vancouver area grows, the need for professional private investigators in Abbotsford is necessary. The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. provides the businesses and lawyers in Abbotsford with the results they need. Our professional and expert private investigators will work with you and your organization to determine a plan of action best suited for your needs. In today’s day and age, many businesses face employees making fraudulent claims. Our team is professional and compliant with the rules, laws and guidelines in British Columbia. Allow The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. team to be your investigative agency in Abbotsford and an agency that can assist your needs across Canada.

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Family Investigations

As Abbotsford has grown in recent years, more and more families are calling Abbotsford home. This may mean the need for family investigations in Abbotsford is needed. Our team is compassionate and understanding with family investigations, including child custody situations, to determine if your children are safe and well taken care of by other guardians or former spouses. Your family may need to do a wellness check or search for a long-lost family member. Our expert private investigators in Abbotsford can assist no matter the family's need. We have decades of experience assisting families across Canada and providing the results our clients need for peace of mind or for court purposes. We also provide infidelity investigators in Abbotsford, where our team can assist in surveillance or investigative research to determine if your spouse is spending time with someone else. Our team will provide you with the results you need to make an informed decision no matter the family's needs. If you need assistance from a Private investigator in Abbotsford for family investigations or infidelity investigations, we are here to assist.

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Investigative Research

Skip Trace Services

Need an experienced skip tracer in Abbotsford? The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. can provide you with the location services you need. We have one of the highest success rates in Canada with investigative research as we operate across Canada and have access to more information than your typical private investigative agency. We provide skip tracing - locate services across Canada and can assist in locating an individual for legal, corporate or personal reasons. Our team’s experience, resources and knowledge are invaluable in assisting your case. Contact our skip trace department today in Abbotsford.

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Background Checks

There are a variety of reasons someone may need a background check. Whether it is for your business to determine if an employee is a right fit for you, a child custody case to determine if your former spouse or partner new significant other is safe to be around your children or for a person wishing to get married and want to verify who the person is they want to spend their life with. No matter the need for a background check in Abbotsford, our team can assist and provide you with the results you need to make informed decisions and provide peace of mind. You do not need to live in the unknown any longer. Allow our team of investigative research experts to assist today.

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Additional Services

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is becoming invaluable to businesses, individuals, and legal firms. Our team of expert investigative research specialists can perform extensive social media monitoring to verify digitally stored information, whether it is currently online or has been removed. Our reporting will enable you access to offline and crucial pieces of evidence to support your case. We complete a deep dive to obtain as much information as possible over as much time as needed. Your reputation and brand deserve nothing but the finest in investigative services. Therefore, our team of Abbotsford Private Investigators will get you the results you need.

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There is a growing amount of fraud in British Columbia, and we are seeing it directly in Abbotsford. The need for fraud investigations is increasing and essential. Risk management is all about being precise, accurate and detail-focused to mitigate as much damage as possible to you or your organization. With decades of experience in fraud investigations, our team can provide you with results of what is happening and who the perpetrator is. We use a data-focused approach that enables the collection of evidence that can protect you and give you information to make informed decisions.

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