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Welcome to Cape Breton – Sydney: Your Trusted Destination for Professional Investigations

Nestled on the picturesque shores of Cape Breton Island, Sydney stands as the vibrant hub of this breathtaking region. With its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and welcoming community, Cape Breton-Sydney offers a unique backdrop for both leisure and business pursuits.

At The Smith Investigation Agency Inc., we understand the importance of safeguarding your interests in this dynamic locale. Whether you’re a resident, business owner, or visitor, our team of skilled private investigators is dedicated to providing you with discreet and professional investigative services tailored to your needs.

From concerns surrounding workplace integrity to personal matters affecting your peace of mind, our Halifax-based agency extends its trusted services to the Cape Breton – Sydney area. With our proven track record of delivering fact-based reporting and our A+ accreditation through the Better Business Bureau, you can rely on us to uncover the truth with precision and integrity.

As you navigate the bustling streets of Sydney or explore the tranquil beauty of Cape Breton’s countryside, rest assured that The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. is here to support you every step of the way.

Our services encompass a wide range of investigative needs, including:

– Surveillance: We employ advanced techniques to gather evidence discreetly and effectively.
– Background Checks: Ensure the integrity of your business or personal relationships with comprehensive background investigations.
– Skip Tracing: Locate missing persons or debtors efficiently with our proven skip tracing methods.
– Infidelity Investigations: Obtain the truth about a partner’s fidelity with our discreet and thorough investigations.
– Legal Support: From gathering evidence to serving court documents, we provide comprehensive legal support services.

Contact us today to learn how our experienced team can assist you in protecting what matters most in Cape Breton – Sydney. Let us provide you with the peace of mind and clarity you deserve. Call today for a free consultation.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal

In any business, occurrences of suspicious and inappropriate behaviou can create challenging situations. However, you don't have to face them alone. When you require expert private investigative services in Cape Breton - Sydney, turn to The Smith Investigation Agency. Our team specializes in minimizing risks and safeguarding your assets through surveillance and investigative research. With our extensive experience, equipment, and resources, we're equipped to protect your brand and bottom line effectively. Our professional and discreet approach allows you to focus on your business while we uncover the root of the issue and present our findings to you. From workplace safety breaches to WSB cases and insurance fraud investigations, trust us to protect your interests in Cape Breton - Sydney.

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Family Investigations

The well-being of your family is paramount, and we're here to help you safeguard it with our private investigative services. Whether you're in Sydney, Cape Breton, or surrounding areas of Nova Scotia, our team can assist you in determining if a spouse is cheating, gathering evidence for a child custody case, or ensuring the well-being of a loved one, be it a teenager or elderly family member. If your case may go to court, it's crucial to work with the best private investigators to obtain legal and professional documentation. Our professional reports and video documentation provide the substantial evidence needed for your peace of mind or legal matters. Our private investigators work discreetly and professionally to deliver accurate results. If you suspect suspicious activity that could jeopardize your household's safety or welfare, The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. can help. With discretion and exceptional attention to detail, we uncover the truth so you can protect what matters most to you, whether you're in Sydney, Cape Breton, or beyond.

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Investigative Research

Background Checks

Our background checks play a crucial role in promoting healthy growth, whether you're in Sydney, Cape Breton, or beyond. They enable employers and landlords to verify the honesty and law-abiding nature of individuals and ensure they pose no threat. In relationships, knowing who you're dating, planning to marry, or who is around your children and family is paramount. A comprehensive background check should be on everyone's to-do list before committing to someone or ensuring your family's safety. You can't afford to overlook the facts. We conduct thorough background investigations, analyzing an individual's work history, financial stability, outstanding warrants or previous criminal charges, and other relevant factors. Our findings provide you with peace of mind, ensuring you have the truth and protecting you from potential risks. Your well-being is our priority, whether you're in Sydney, Cape Breton, or elsewhere. We're dedicated to ensuring you're not being taken advantage of, misrepresented, or putting your loved ones in danger.

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Skip Trace – Locate Services

Having completed numerous skip searches throughout Cape Breton - Sydney and beyond, we're proud to maintain a 98% success rate in our locate and skip searching services! With a skilled team of private investigators, we can conduct a thorough locate or skip search within just a few business days, offering a high probability of success. Equipped with the best skip tracing tools available across Canada, our agency's coast-to-coast operation ensures unparalleled access to information. We're committed to continuously enhancing our resources and expertise to deliver optimal results and swift turnaround times. Whether you're searching for a long-lost family member, missing heir or beneficiary, a debtor who disappeared, or a tenant who vacated your property abruptly, our team is here to assist. Let us locate the individual so you can proceed confidently with your personal or legal matters. While we don't currently provide process serving services, we're happy to recommend reputable process serving companies to fulfill your needs.

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Risk management is all about being accurate, precise, detail-focused and responding quickly enough to mitigate as much damage as possible. This is the philosophy behind our fraud protection services, which can benefit everyone from business owners being blackmailed to a young couple being financially manipulated by controlling family members. In our many years of experience, we’ve learned that literally, anything can happen, and we apply this principle to our in-depth investigative services. You will learn the precise details of what is transpiring, who is perpetrating it and more. The Smith Investigation Agency’s data-focused approach enables the collection of concrete evidence that can protect you more efficiently, giving you the information needed to pursue an ideal outcome.

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Social Media Monitoring

Whether you’re a small start-up business or a major enterprise, your social media presence is invaluable. The Smith Investigation Agency can perform extensive monitoring and investigative services to verify digitally-stored information – even if it’s not even online anymore. Our various forms of reporting enable for the offline preservation of crucial pieces of evidence to benefit your case, and we perform deep dives on the web to secure as much factual data as possible. Your online image and reputation deserve the finest, most discreet social media monitoring, which makes our team at The Smith Investigation Agency an ideal solution. Social Media Monitoring is a service commonly used for the legal and corporate sector rather than the public. This can commonly be confused as hacking into someones private accounts which we cannot do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At The Smith Investigation Agency Inc., a private investigator conducts thorough and discreet investigations to uncover the truth and provide clients with crucial information. Our services include surveillance, background checks, skip tracing, fraud investigations, corporate investigations, insurance investigations, and social media monitoring. We assist individuals, businesses, and legal professionals in resolving various personal, corporate, and legal matters with professionalism and integrity.

The cost of hiring a private investigator at The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. varies depending on the complexity and duration of the investigation. We offer competitive rates tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. For a detailed quote and to discuss your particular case, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation.

The duration of an investigation at The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. depends on the nature and scope of the case. Some investigations may be resolved within a few days, while others might take several weeks or longer. Our team is committed to conducting thorough and efficient investigations, providing timely results without compromising on quality.

Yes, all private investigators at The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. are fully licensed and accredited. We adhere to all legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring that our investigative practices are ethical and professional. Our agency is also accredited with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Yes, private investigators at The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. are trained in discreet surveillance techniques to follow someone without their knowledge. Our investigators use advanced methods and technology to gather evidence while maintaining confidentiality and ensuring that the investigation remains undetected. This allows us to provide accurate and reliable results while respecting the privacy of all parties involved.

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