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Alberta is a sprawling province rich in industries with Edmonton as its Capital. With the growing economy and community comes more of a need for Private Investigators in Edmonton. If you have reached the point of contacting a Private Detective Agency, then you are in the right place. The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. exceeds the expectations of our clients consistently and continues to offer the highest quality services throughout Alberta. We are a team of expert professionals who not only operate throughout Alberta but across Canada in Alberta, Nova Scotia and Ontario. Our team is here to assist in your investigative needs from surveillance within the corporate, legal and insurance industries as well as for family situations like child custody, infidelity – affair investigations and more. Our team can also provide you with excellent investigative research including background checks, locate an individual, skip tracing, asset searches, and more. Our team is renowned for its focus on quality control, integrity, discretion and consistency. We consistently provide the best private investigator services to Albertans.

Throughout the province of Alberta, our team focuses on two significant categories, yet we do offer a wide variety of investigative services. We provide surveillance services for and first-rate investigative research for corporate and legal sectors as well as private individuals. With many years of professional expertise in conducting investigations and monitoring individuals behaviour from employees to cheating spouses, we function as the leading edge in the investigations industry.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal

Any business has the potential of having employees who behave suspiciously, commit fraud, or conduct inappropriate or unsafe activities. However, you are not alone and hiring a private investigator to conduct the necessary investigation can not only stop the fraud or find the results you need but make an informed decision once you have it. If you are facing a fraudulent employee you need to hire our expert private investigators to get you the proof that you need from our team of experts at The Smith Investigation Agency. Our team can help you minimize your risks and protect your assets through surveillance and investigative research. Our trained and experienced investigators have the skill, resources and equipment to use during the investigation to protect your brand and bottom line. With our legal clients, you may need to find out where someone is working to help your client garnish wages, conduct surveillance during a divorce case and many other reasons. The Smith Investigation Agency’s discreet and professional approach to civil and corporate investigations enables you to focus on your firm and business while we identify it and present our findings to you. In the past, we have seen companies bottom lines protected and legal cases won from obtaining necessary results using investigative services.

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Family Investigations

At The Smith Investigation Agency, we realize that family and the well-being of your family is paramount. There are many different types of cases that a family may be dealing with. You could be dealing with divorce proceedings and need to find information for court. You may need to have surveillance done to prove your former spouse is working so wages can be garnished or to determine who is spending time with your children in a child custody situation. Or even if you feel that your husband or wife – partner is cheating on you. Dealing with an affair is difficult however you need proof to have peace of mind and make informed decisions. You may even want to conduct surveillance on a family member to ensure their safety. We call this a wellness check and this could be for teenagers, elderly family members or also a family member who is struggling and may need to be monitored from time to time to ensure they are safe. No matter the families need for an investigation our team has the most experienced and compassionate investigators to work with you and your family during this time. If you need to provide results for a court case or your results could go to court, you need to work with the best private investigators to ensure the proper documentation is obtained not only professionally but legally. We provide you with the results you need to win your case. Our comprehensive reporting and video evidence will not only stand up in court, but we have regularly had lawyers say it is the best evidence and reporting they have seen. Our private investigators work discreetly and professionally to deliver the most accurate results possible.

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Investigative Research

Background Checks

With the increase in online dating relationships and catfishing, employees being deceptive on applications and many more reasons the need for background checks has become necessary and not just optional. You cannot afford to have your finances, emotions, business or reputation affected by dealing with someone you just don’t know. With our criminal record checks, we will search into the individuals or businesses past to determine if there is fraudulent, deceptive behaviour, inappropriate behaviour or skeletons in the closet. Our Edmonton Background Checks are fully comprehensive and will provide you with the information you need to make decisions in your business or personal life. The background investigations analyze an individual’s work history, financial stability, outstanding warrants or previous criminal charges, and more. Other scenarios that may require a background check is if you are hiring a nanny for your family, or you are a landlord and want to lease your property to the right person. Then completing a background check will not only ensure the individual you are hiring has no previous charges or convictions but also no issues with domestic violence and vandalism which could affect your rental property. We will deliver you or your organization with our findings to provide peace of mind in knowing the truth. We want to be sure you are not being taken advantage of, being misrepresented or placing your loved ones in danger.

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Skip Trace – Locate Services

Here at The Smith Investigation Agency, we have completed thousands of skiptracing searches for clients and individuals throughout Canada. Our Edmonton team of skip trace and individual locate specialists can provide you with the results you need. Are you trying to locate a missing family member? Or locate a former tenant, missing heir or beneficiary or even a missing debtor? No matter the reason we can assist. We locate individuals throughout Edmonton, Alberta and Canada as well as internationally. We have a 98% success rate with over 3000 cases. Our team has the information, resources, experience, skill and dedication to provide you with the results you need. Most of our skips can be completed within a few business days, and we have a high success rate in locating individuals with little to no information. One of the main benefits to you in choosing us for a locate is we operate in multiple provinces throughout Canada, so our ability to locate information is more significant as we have more access. We also have flat rate pricing and no hidden fees. We are continually expanding our resources and knowledge to ensure the best results and fastest turnaround times if you need to locate that individual to serve papers to call our office today. Allow our team to find the person so you can proceed with your legal, corporate or personal matter with confidence. If you need a process server to deliver the court documents, we can recommend a company as we do not currently offer process serving in Alberta. If you need to locate someone in Edmonton call us today for a free consultation and upfront pricing.

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Additional Services

Asset Search

If you need to locate or recover stolen or hidden assets, then you need to complete an asset search. If you require this for court purposes, to place a lien on someone you received a judgement from or to find out where the individual works to garnish wages our experienced team of asset researchers can help. Our asset searches are comprehensive and will obtain the information you need. We can customize the asset search as not all searches are the same. Our team will make a plan of action for your case to ensure you get the information you need. We do not leave anything to chance and we will carefully examine every bit of asset-related data to bring the truth to the surface.

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Fraud & Risk Management

With the increasing risks associated with fraud and scams hiring an investigator to manage your risk could save you thousands or more. Risk Management in business is defined as “the forecasting and evaluation of financial risks together with the identification of procedures to avoid or minimize their impact.” Our team of expert private investigators can obtain the information you need and ensure your data is protected — our fraud protection services, which can benefit everyone from business owners who are currently or previously being blackmailed or someone who is being financially manipulated. In our decades of experience, we have learned that anything can happen, and we apply this principle to our in-depth investigative services. You will learn the precise details of what is transpiring, who has done it and more. The Smith Investigation Agency’s data-focused approach enables the collection of evidence that can protect you, giving you the information needed to pursue an ideal outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By reaching out to one of our expert Private Investigators in Edmonton, you can take advantage of their services in many ways. These can include safeguarding assets against fraud, verifying sensitive information to confirm an individual’s background or credentials, and locating those who have wandered off or vanished. Our Edmonton Private Investigators can also handle cases pertaining to infidelity, confirming whether suspicions are true.

The Smith Investigation Agency employs only fully certified, trained and experienced professionals for a key reason: You never know what kind of case you’ll be needed for next. We’re happy to provide our range of Private Investigator services in Edmonton to help safeguard the welfare of children in need. Our team is often contacted to assist children caught up in custody battles, ensuring their comfort, wellness and safety. We can even investigate whether both parents are fulfilling custody-related obligations, such as making support payments.

Yes. All of The Smith Investigation Agency’s Private Detectives in Edmonton are fully licensed and certified in accordance with provincial and federal laws. They undergo extensive training and have years of experience to operate the way they do, ensuring you can trust their findings are accurate and represent the truth. Never work with a Private Investigator agency that isn’t fully licensed and respectful of the law – it could land you in hot water!

The Smith Investigation Agency is fully committed to delivering the most discreet, professional and trustworthy service at a respectable value. That said, you should be aware that the cost of our custom-tailored services will vary depending on what you need us to do. Different processes require different amounts of time and resources, and every case is very unique. Cheaper alternatives are usually not fully certified and won’t deliver the precision-accurate results that a trained professional can provide, which is why we’re happy to offer cutting-edge technology paired with experienced Private Investigators in Edmonton who know how to use it.

So long as it pertains to a specific case, then yes, we have the permission and ability to track an individual’s whereabouts and monitor their activity. We collect data confirming their approximate location, who they see, and what they do, all using sophisticated technology handled by our Private Investigators and research team. We can actively monitor and report their actions, or with skip tracking, help to find missing persons. This can be useful in chasing down fleeing debtors, fraudsters and runaway children, just to list a few examples.

Of course, but know that it takes time, dedication, and firm commitment. Private Investigators on our team undergo comprehensive testing, certification, screening, and more to ensure they can deliver the service quality our discerning clients require. It is important that they enhance their situational awareness and obtain full certification before entering the field.

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