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Living and working along the Great Lakes of Ontario can provide all sorts of opportunities for growth and memory-making. However, sometimes we need help to protect our investments and way of life. If you’re searching for a private investigator in the Hamilton – Niagara Region and Burlington The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. is an ideal solution. We provide the highest standard of professional private investigation services to businesses large and small, insurance companies, legal teams and to the general public. With a reputation for excellence built on years of experience, our expertise and discretion will give you the upper hand. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintain the highest possible A+ rating along with a 5-Star Rating on Google. We are also the Consumers Choice Award Winners for the Best Private Investigators!

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal

From analyzing fraudulent compensation claims to performing electronic counter-measures to protect your business, our corporate and civil services are here for you. Should you need assets recovered, help with cyber investigations, TSCM debugging services, surveillance, or witness statements you can count on our Private Investigators in Hamilton. We also can assist with more sensitive issues such as workplace violence and harassment, plant closures and counterfeiting investigations. As a well-rounded team with a passion for discretion and accuracy, we at The Smith Investigation Agency ensure no detail is overlooked. Contact us today to better protect your assets, employees and investments.

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Family Investigations

If you are dealing with a situation in your family and you have begun the search of looking for a private investigator to assist in gathering evidence allow The Smith Investigation Agency to be your team of experts. We have dealt with thousands of cases over the years and many have been the varying types of surveillance cases for families whether dealing with infidelity, child custody investigations, and other family situations. We can customize surveillance or research to your family’s needs. You can call today for a free consultation and speak with an understanding and compassionate Female Private Investigator. We can obtain the results you need for peace of mind or court purposes.

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Investigative Research

Locate Investigation

Allow our award-winning team of experts locate your missing family member, witness, missing debtor, runaway, former partner etc. We have completed thousands of successful skiptrace services and continue to for clients throughout Canada. Our agency is located in multiple provinces thought-out Canada not just in Hamilton. We have access to more information with our National exposure. That ensures success on your locate and Skiptracing file. You want to work with the experts who are honest, upfront and prompt with your individual locate. For a quick turnaround, flat rate pricing with no hidden fees or false promise contact our Hamilton Skiptracers today.

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Background Checks

Our investigative research department continues to grow to meet the high demand for investigative research services like Background Checks. As a result, we deliver superior background check services beyond the capacity of other private investigative firms in Hamilton and Niagara. We have a quick turnaround and make it a point to leave no stone unturned. The Smith Investigation Agency has completed thousands of research files successfully, and we are committed to revealing the truth to you about tenants, employees or other individuals you need us to investigate. The end result is greater peace of mind and the information required to come to a fact-based conclusion.

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Additional Services

WSIB & Insurance Investigations

Businesses need to protect their brand and bottom line. With the growing amount of workplace injuries and fraud having an on hand Private Investigator in Hamilton is necessary. We want to work with you from the start of fraud to determine the individual’s activities throughout the injury. You may also want to hire a private investigator to complete undercover surveillance in your business to determine if theft of time and products is taking place or if drugs or alcohol are being used while employees are working. We see this happen all too often and your organization cannot afford for an incident to take place that could cause major liability to your company. Whether you are the business point of contact or lawyer working with a business or for any other reason allow The Smith Investigation Agency to be your go to Investigative team.

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Family & Private

Are you struggling with securing child support payments? Or, do you need a professional to keep a close eye on a wandering senior parent? Or maybe you’re dealing with the difficulty of a spouse having an affair? Regardless, our family and private services are a great way to sleep easier at night. From child custody investigations to surveillance and identification of “other persons,” we cover all the angles, so you don’t have to. Our goal is to reduce stress and eliminate guesswork by confirming the truth. This is achieved through surveillance, research, interviews, statement collection, document analysis and other procedures performed by our private investigators. When dealing with an issue involving family or friends, it’s important to secure professional and discreet assistance. This is where The Smith Investigation Agency can help.

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